DPS Sharjah- Delhi Private School

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DPS Sharjah- Delhi Private School
DPS Sharjah Industrial Area 16 - Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE
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dps sharjah is a malicious, white washing force that doesnt care about its students
DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO DPS SHARJAH, PLEASE! I have rated it 5 stars so it will show up in the top feed. I studied in DPS Sharjah from grade 2 to grade 12, and i just graduated one year ago. i am telling you from personal experience that you would be much better off not sending your child to school than sending them to DPS. The infrastructure of the school is in absolute shambles, and i mean SHAMBLES! The bathrooms are a disaster, the canteen is understaffed and unhygienic, the teachers are barely even experienced, one of my teachers told me once that she chose the job so her child can receive the fees exemption. she had a degree in accounting and was teaching English in our school.

the student culture is shallow and uncouth, you'd be much better off sending your child to a slum in Nigeria. I was bullied frequently by my fellow peers for 3 years and every time i complained the teacher told me there was nothing she could do about it. finally when i yelled at them when the teacher walked in for hitting me on my back she took me to the principal for not obeying 'class decorum'. their marketing team loves using fancy english and glossy phrases to mask the fact that the school is a horrible institution. it is shallow, it is partisan, it is a place where rich parents send their kids in hopes of them receiving a better education. oh the irony.

do not send your child to DPS, please. it looks hard to get into, but that doesn't mean its a good school. there are plenty of better options available in Sharjah, in that area itself. Please reconsider

this hell
As a student here, might I just say,
This school sucks like hell
the only reason I stay here is cause of my friends, otherwise, I would have left this shit hole as soon as I wasn't scared of the teachers. cause in my 2nd-grade class. This shitty assshat teacher, literally grabbed a boy from the back of his shirt, n ACTUALLY dragged him on the floor. That fucking traumatized me for years. The teachers act all nice in front of the parents "Oh, I'm a teacher, I love all your kids even tho I hit them in the head with books sometimes, cause they don't understand the topic when I explained it once, which is more than enough". They literally crush your mental stability to the point of no return. and literally, no one cares about the bathrooms. And for some shitty reason, the dipshit teachers on the bus won't let u TALK. They FUCKING SCARE all the kg1's and smaller kids who wanna make friends and then make them change seats n sit with random people when it gets too loud for them. And THEY laugh their wonky asses off in the bus n don't give a shit bout "disturbing the driver". all the teachers focus on the smarter kids and compare them with the kids who can't keep up, and make them feel shitty bout themselves. They teach NOTHING whatsoever about time management, and it all goes to shit. I've reached the point in life where idc wtf happens with my life and my grades, and I'm a shitty 7th grader.
Overall, this school sucks, but not as much as the teachers, (I hope all u ass-hats die in hell), this school has also given me paranoia and has lead me into depression. The system is fucking broken and I hope the whole building burns down with the principal inside (who doesn't care shit bout the students or the school) that's all
if shakti Bala ma'am or Suchitra ma'am is reading this,
I hate u.
Stupid School
Look. I'm a student in Grade 7. I have no problem if they are giving exam and assignments. But there's a limit and you shouldn't cross it.
Like seriously, All teachers state that: "We understand your situation, so we won't be assigning any new assignments." AND THEN RIGHT AFTER THEY GIVE AN ASSIGNMENT.
Apparently there's a thing called Diagnostic Test, too. So it's like a final exam, but with less chapters and only for 40 marks. But what I don't understand is that why do you need to give us another exam after PT3 and loads of assignments?


But yes, there are some good teachers, too.
Shit school DPS Sharjah
This school is fucking shit, I absolutely hate it and the only reason I'm still here is because of my friends
I absolutely hate all the teachers and they just suck, especially shakti Bala who spits in ur face while talking
No you're wrong ,you have no idea how much effort they put into assigning notes, preparing activities,and they sit till three in the morning, prepping the months plan
And btw the only reason I'm in the school is due to shakti bala ma'am ,she is one of those teachers you would be lucky to have.
Good for children of Teachers
Its a school where you find the kids of the teachers coming first , selected for competitions etc .
I am sorry cant even think of a reason for giving one STAR >
We applied in DPS for my son for grade 4 where in my husband had to travel to India on emergency where I stayed back sInce I had to submit docs for the school anytime but unfortunately my husband couldn't check the mail about the date of registration fees to paid but the very nxt day I went to school to submit ....the registrar and the HR were so rude and arrogant to me though i explained them that my mominlaw was not well and my hubby had to rush to india but they werr stressing only on one point why dint u come on the same day...the staff there in DPS don't have minimum manners or courtesy towards parents ..they were questioning me as though I did some crime or something , at last I told them damn to ur school , I will never ever apply for my son here and they were so cool about it ....I request all parents down go more down beyond your standards and fall on their feet just because it's a good school in sharjah....if our kids are intelligent they will somehow shine in their future , every school has the same syllabus CBSE it is only our kids should put efforts .....
i study in that school.......i dont know how to survive.....its sooo corrupted........the teachers are really rude to us sometimes.........i dont know how much longer i can go in that school and i cant even change my school :(
I am a 7th grade student of this school.Everything was cool until these two asshole teachers came
Sakthi bala and Suchitra
Both are asshats
Very bad faculty specially ICT head.
She don't even know how to respect people while taking interview.
I honestly would have given 0 stars but i can't so im giving 1 star. This school is terrible. The teachers can't even teach properly and most of them don't even know proper english. The school is really terrible. The teachers are unqualified. They will only make your child read the textbooks and make them write the notes. Its a stupid school. If u want your child to go mad then please send her/him to dps sharjah.
If possible, would have rated 0 stars. The teachers in the school are okay, but the partiality that the faculty children get is just too much. For example, I have a friend who is a faculty child. For some reason, after paying nearly 1000 dirhams a year, he got into the morning games (one level below school team kind of). But, I have played the same sport with him. I have spent more than 2000 dirhams on the extra classes and play better than home, but somehow he got into morning games. Also, the English teachers themselves speak in broken English. I still have many friends who say "say you" instead of "tell you". Also, as of now in 9th grade, the teachers just read out and teach the textbook in class, and expect you to do 2 hours of homework, and then maybe attend Tution and then, at last, study. Where is the time for recreation? Where is the time for doing exercises or keeping healthy? God only knows. And, this is not the board's fault. It is definitely the school's fault as it alotts more time revising for exams and giving extra sample papers, practice sheets, revision sheets, etc. Than actual studying and teaching, which is what the board instructs them to do. Also, we can understand lab experimenting, but, after each lab experiment, the school expects you to write a 20 page description of the lab session, 90% of which is completely unknown to us and out of syllabus. Also, the P.E teachers are good for nothing and just stand in the shade and look down at their phone screens and talk, ALL THE TIME. Sure, the ministry loves the school, but that is only because the teachers LITERALLY train us on how to behave when the ministry comes for inspection. Everything during the inspection is as fake as crocodile tears. Also, one of my friends who used to study in GEMS millennium just joined this school and all he has to say his "Man, what terrible school have I joined" everyday. The teachers suck the life out of us and fill us all with negativity and their so called education.

The bottom line is, DPS was a profitable, scamming, unhygienic,unathletic, dull and depressing school. Sometimes, I experience mental breakdowns due to the stress that is put on us and during the exams, I hear my friends talking about suicide as the easy way out, not even exaggerating. I'll be moving to India in 11th. Also, stop comparing this school with Indian schools. There is a HUGE margin in fee structures.
i am also studying in this schoool i am in 8th i agree with you 100 percent and even have mental breakdowns! but there is no need for suicide and all we just need to get our marks cry the shit out if we get bad marks go to the next grade do the same and do this till we freaking graduate from this freaking school and than we can live happily...dont ruin your lives because of this shitty dumb ass school
I study in this school. and in my opinion, they're not what they brag around to be. they're useless, the facilities they brag about are RARELY used, like when we're supposed to go every week? nope.... once a year more like. and partiality? staff students and people who are apparently "studious" are given more opportunity over people who truly have talent. useless school, regret still being a part of it. only thing keeping me here are my childhood "friends".
One of the, if not best Indian schools in Sharjah. I understand the frustration of other reviewers. However they are directing their anger of syllabus to the wrong administration. The school just enforces the syllabus provided by the CBSE. PS : We have one of the best green fields out there
U must be a teacher itself.
yup your a teacher... :( wonder which one tho...
Dear all,
I am a student of DPS Sharjah currently studying in grade 12. There are a few things I would like to talk on:
12th grade is not a piece of cake. With the change in the pattern by CBSE it is absolutely necessary that the school gives assignments! If as parents this seems too hectic for your child, then shift your child to an easier curriculum!!

I've been coming across reviews saying primary school is more easier. Uh duh, your child is studying in senior wing now. HE/SHE IS GROWING UP. If as parents you expect the level of studies to be as same as in 5th, sure thing your child will graduate school by when he/she is 24.

I can't explain in words how ill mannered the 6th and 7th graders are. With the absolute support of their parents they think they can boss the senior kids around. The senior kids are bigger in size, but even in the buses the parents have been complaining about students not getting a seat. The juniors enjoy sitting two in a seat and senior students have to cramp up. They don't let the senior students who are stressed out sleep in the bus and go to the extend of throwing our bags on the floor when we are sleeping. They yell out foul language and then how do the parents not expect any cases of bullying?
There was a girl who reported me for bullying when I asked her to move out of my way when I was getting late for my class in biology lab.
Tell me, was I really bullying her? As parents it is your duty to teach kids to stand up for themselves and respect elders..

The teachers are spending their precious time making worksheets and assignments when they can actually spend it with their own kids. Reason being they wish to help your child come in phase with other students. The assignments consist of HOT questions. Believe me when I say it will actually help your children when they reach 12th if they decide to continue with the curriculum.
As a 12th grader I feel had we been used and had trained our minds earlier on solving HOTS questions, we wouldn't have been struggling now. These classes and assessments are so that train your child as ultimately all that matters is 12th. Doesn't it?
Its a shame but i have to agree that the teachers are quite partial.

4)And yes the washrooms should be improved..
Hi, I would like to put my argument in form of points. To get it cleared, I am a 9th grader studying in DPS Sharjah and thats probably all you've got to know.

Firstly, I agree that the syllabus and the examination patterns come from the CBSE curriculum and agreeably, for talented students, the results are pretty fruitful. The teachers are wonderful and are extremely kind hearted, no doubt. HOWEVER the result patterns and how students are categorised on their grades depends on the school. For example, lately our school decided that only about 70% of the academic result will be counted for scholar batch. The rest was dependent on other criterion (mostly IBT). Now this may sound very helpful, but it isn't, specially considering that the students weren't informed about this throughout the term and even after the new term almost came to an end. In grade 8, my friend scored 92% and is achiever whereas one of my other friends scored 91% and is outstanding achiever. Similarly one of a student has scored 96% and is categorised as achiever while another student scoring exactly the same in his academic year is categorised as an high achiever. We are, as of now, not informed of the criterion they have considered for scholar batch.

Coming to one of your point about bullying. Again I agree that the young children do boast around, however, I have been a victim of bullying by my seniors. Here's how it went, I was in my bus talking with my fellow friends and there was this one senior (name not to be disclosed), who asked me to keep quite, he reportedly hated my voice and he wasn't sleeping in the bus either. Few minutes later, he pulled my hand and just twisted it in a weird and painful way. It was very painful. I had tears in my eyes. When I reported this case to the administration with the help of my parents, the bus teachers were scolding me for speaking loudly. I do not get how speaking loudly permits elders/seniors to physically hit juniors. The bully gave his reason as stated below:
"We had examinations. We were revising (in the bus) in the morning, while these young kids were speaking loudly. We were unable to focus. When the situation got out of hand, I politely asked him to stop talking"
Later he admitted that he had physically hit me and added on
"I did not hit him as hard as he describes"
This incident took place in the afternoon and no one was revising for an exam at that point. I was also threatened that I would be suspended if I had reported this to the administration.

The supervisor was extremely kind and had reported this case to the person responsible for handling bus issues. However the case could not reach any further since the teachers assured the person responsible for bus transport that such a thing won't happen again. Even though such things keep happening in our bus (before this pandemic), the cases are either not reported or are just reported to the teachers who warn the seniors not to repeat their doings. I don't blame the teachers since whenever such incidents happen, the teachers are always blamed and thus they try to keep such matters within the bus. However this situation should be tackled in a better way.
I am a student of Dps sharjah and it is like one worst school .I talk alot in class i accept but when teachers correct your paper they discriminate and give good marks to the children she likes amd bad marks to children who she hates. If u go ask the rep any she will be like go back to your class. As I told the class teacher hates me I have really short hair no hairstyle but still she will be like get a haircut.Our hindi teacher will come in class stand for 5/40 minutes and will be like do this on your like she wont make u do anything. The Rep of the grade will taunt u so much that u get a headache. But well all maths teachers are really good. Washrooms suck as heal it stinks like heal. The Cleaners make us clean everything and when ministry inspection is there everything will be good the teachers will teach u good and washrooms are clean , Acs are working and next day all back to the same dirty things. If we have substitution period we cant do our work we have a new thing called 'chat' in which teacher will show u ppt and some shit wasteage of time questions like seriously? Last year dps hired najmat al najah buses they doubled are transportation fees and gave really good buses like they were bomb , but after 2 months they gave us same shit bus in which ac doesnt work propely nor we have black plastic on glass . When it comes to sports selection the staff children will get selected first whatever if they play the worst also. In our school more staff children gets hamdan award thats cuz of their parents teach their. Dont try to give your children admission over here.
Please don't send you're kids to this school. Teachers are liars, treats students depending on their marks. Please don't make the mistake which my parents did, but if you wanna kill your son/daughter just send them here. Dps does all the work.
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What is the age limit for garde 2 students in DPS?

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DPS Sharjah Industrial Area 16 - Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE Get Directions
DPS Sharjah- Delhi Private School Sharjah, affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, is the first school in the U.A.E to have branched out from its parent institute, Delhi Public School, New Delhi. The school was established in 2000 and is located in the school zone, in Sharjah industrial area No .16.

The school offers education from KG1 to class XII.DPS Sharjah has introduced the Comprehensive Learning Program (CLP) and the school follows the CBSE System. Grades 6-8 have Formative Assessments (FA) and Summative Assessments (SA), and grades 9-12 have Pre-board examinations and Board examinations from CBSE Board.The school has also adopted the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) program. It has also introduced ECL dashboard effective classroom learning.

DPS Sharjah conducts various sports and art activities during regular classes as well as extra classes.

Classes are conducted as evening games and during Physical Education (PE) periods. Some major sports are basketball, cricket, table tennis, badminton, swimming ,etc.

DPS Sharjah conducts many trips and picnics to other places.
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