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Good for children of Teachers
Its a school where you find the kids of the teachers coming first , selected for competitions etc .
I am sorry cant even think of a reason for giving one STAR >
We applied in DPS for my son for grade 4 where in my husband had to travel to India on emergency where I stayed back sInce I had to submit docs for the school anytime but unfortunately my husband couldn't check the mail about the date of registration fees to paid but the very nxt day I went to school to submit ....the registrar and the HR were so rude and arrogant to me though i explained them that my mominlaw was not well and my hubby had to rush to india but they werr stressing only on one point why dint u come on the same day...the staff there in DPS don't have minimum manners or courtesy towards parents ..they were questioning me as though I did some crime or something , at last I told them damn to ur school , I will never ever apply for my son here and they were so cool about it ....I request all parents down go more down beyond your standards and fall on their feet just because it's a good school in sharjah....if our kids are intelligent they will somehow shine in their future , every school has the same syllabus CBSE it is only our kids should put efforts .....
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16 Sep, 2018
i study in that school.......i dont know how to survive.....its sooo corrupted........the teachers are really rude to us sometimes.........i dont know how much longer i can go in that school and i cant even change my school :(
I am a 7th grade student of this school.Everything was cool until these two asshole teachers came
Sakthi bala and Suchitra
Both are asshats
Very bad faculty specially ICT head.
She don't even know how to respect people while taking interview.
I honestly would have given 0 stars but i can't so im giving 1 star. This school is terrible. The teachers can't even teach properly and most of them don't even know proper english. The school is really terrible. The teachers are unqualified. They will only make your child read the textbooks and make them write the notes. Its a stupid school. If u want your child to go mad then please send her/him to dps sharjah.
If possible, would have rated 0 stars. The teachers in the school are okay, but the partiality that the faculty children get is just too much. For example, I have a friend who is a faculty child. For some reason, after paying nearly 1000 dirhams a year, he got into the morning games (one level below school team kind of). But, I have played the same sport with him. I have spent more than 2000 dirhams on the extra classes and play better than home, but somehow he got into morning games. Also, the English teachers themselves speak in broken English. I still have many friends who say "say you" instead of "tell you". Also, as of now in 9th grade, the teachers just read out and teach the textbook in class, and expect you to do 2 hours of homework, and then maybe attend Tution and then, at last, study. Where is the time for recreation? Where is the time for doing exercises or keeping healthy? God only knows. And, this is not the board's fault. It is definitely the school's fault as it alotts more time revising for exams and giving extra sample papers, practice sheets, revision sheets, etc. Than actual studying and teaching, which is what the board instructs them to do. Also, we can understand lab experimenting, but, after each lab experiment, the school expects you to write a 20 page description of the lab session, 90% of which is completely unknown to us and out of syllabus. Also, the P.E teachers are good for nothing and just stand in the shade and look down at their phone screens and talk, ALL THE TIME. Sure, the ministry loves the school, but that is only because the teachers LITERALLY train us on how to behave when the ministry comes for inspection. Everything during the inspection is as fake as crocodile tears. Also, one of my friends who used to study in GEMS millennium just joined this school and all he has to say his "Man, what terrible school have I joined" everyday. The teachers suck the life out of us and fill us all with negativity and their so called education.

The bottom line is, DPS was a profitable, scamming, unhygienic,unathletic, dull and depressing school. Sometimes, I experience mental breakdowns due to the stress that is put on us and during the exams, I hear my friends talking about suicide as the easy way out, not even exaggerating. I'll be moving to India in 11th. Also, stop comparing this school with Indian schools. There is a HUGE margin in fee structures.
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16 Sep, 2018
i am also studying in this schoool i am in 8th i agree with you 100 percent and even have mental breakdowns! but there is no need for suicide and all we just need to get our marks cry the shit out if we get bad marks go to the next grade do the same and do this till we freaking graduate from this freaking school and than we can live happily...dont ruin your lives because of this shitty dumb ass school
I study in this school. and in my opinion, they're not what they brag around to be. they're useless, the facilities they brag about are RARELY used, like when we're supposed to go every week? nope.... once a year more like. and partiality? staff students and people who are apparently "studious" are given more opportunity over people who truly have talent. useless school, regret still being a part of it. only thing keeping me here are my childhood "friends".
One of the, if not best Indian schools in Sharjah. I understand the frustration of other reviewers. However they are directing their anger of syllabus to the wrong administration. The school just enforces the syllabus provided by the CBSE. PS : We have one of the best green fields out there
Reply by Godknows
22 Dec, 2017
U must be a teacher itself.
Reply by blank
16 Sep, 2018
yup your a teacher... :( wonder which one tho...
Dear all,
I am a student of DPS Sharjah currently studying in grade 12. There are a few things I would like to talk on:
12th grade is not a piece of cake. With the change in the pattern by CBSE it is absolutely necessary that the school gives assignments! If as parents this seems too hectic for your child, then shift your child to an easier curriculum!!

I've been coming across reviews saying primary school is more easier. Uh duh, your child is studying in senior wing now. HE/SHE IS GROWING UP. If as parents you expect the level of studies to be as same as in 5th, sure thing your child will graduate school by when he/she is 24.

I can't explain in words how ill mannered the 6th and 7th graders are. With the absolute support of their parents they think they can boss the senior kids around. The senior kids are bigger in size, but even in the buses the parents have been complaining about students not getting a seat. The juniors enjoy sitting two in a seat and senior students have to cramp up. They don't let the senior students who are stressed out sleep in the bus and go to the extend of throwing our bags on the floor when we are sleeping. They yell out foul language and then how do the parents not expect any cases of bullying?
There was a girl who reported me for bullying when I asked her to move out of my way when I was getting late for my class in biology lab.
Tell me, was I really bullying her? As parents it is your duty to teach kids to stand up for themselves and respect elders..

The teachers are spending their precious time making worksheets and assignments when they can actually spend it with their own kids. Reason being they wish to help your child come in phase with other students. The assignments consist of HOT questions. Believe me when I say it will actually help your children when they reach 12th if they decide to continue with the curriculum.
As a 12th grader I feel had we been used and had trained our minds earlier on solving HOTS questions, we wouldn't have been struggling now. These classes and assessments are so that train your child as ultimately all that matters is 12th. Doesn't it?
Its a shame but i have to agree that the teachers are quite partial.

4)And yes the washrooms should be improved..
I am a student of Dps sharjah and it is like one worst school .I talk alot in class i accept but when teachers correct your paper they discriminate and give good marks to the children she likes amd bad marks to children who she hates. If u go ask the rep any she will be like go back to your class. As I told the class teacher hates me I have really short hair no hairstyle but still she will be like get a haircut.Our hindi teacher will come in class stand for 5/40 minutes and will be like do this on your like she wont make u do anything. The Rep of the grade will taunt u so much that u get a headache. But well all maths teachers are really good. Washrooms suck as heal it stinks like heal. The Cleaners make us clean everything and when ministry inspection is there everything will be good the teachers will teach u good and washrooms are clean , Acs are working and next day all back to the same dirty things. If we have substitution period we cant do our work we have a new thing called 'chat' in which teacher will show u ppt and some shit wasteage of time questions like seriously? Last year dps hired najmat al najah buses they doubled are transportation fees and gave really good buses like they were bomb , but after 2 months they gave us same shit bus in which ac doesnt work propely nor we have black plastic on glass . When it comes to sports selection the staff children will get selected first whatever if they play the worst also. In our school more staff children gets hamdan award thats cuz of their parents teach their. Dont try to give your children admission over here.
Please don't send you're kids to this school. Teachers are liars, treats students depending on their marks. Please don't make the mistake which my parents did, but if you wanna kill your son/daughter just send them here. Dps does all the work.
This school is massive wank off.
The only thing good is that some teachers have huge ass
First off, I'm a graduate from the school and have been in the school since the start of middle school. The school ain't perfect or near it in any way possible but it's not as bad as the other people in the other reviews have mentioned. It's an institution that values education and tries it's best to help students go beyond their highest potential. Yeah, I agree the washrooms aren't up to the mark. They are unsanitary. The hired help isn't great. Yeah it doesn't have all those "bells and whistles" too. DPS aims to provide academic education and it excels at that. I'm not a topper or an all rounder in any way. I was an average student who went through the system and came out. And in my experience, the school does a pretty decent job at teaching. These other reviews mention that english speaking faculty is rare here. It's not entirely true. Sure the teachers won't get an 8+ in an IELTS exam but that doesn't mean they can't speak english at all. They all have proper degrees and what they speak is understood by all of the students.
The school is good enough for a cbse board institute. Your child will enjoy the school and pass out of it wanting to go back for more. I know I want to go back there.
There are some very kind and passionate teachers in the school but there are also many teachers like beena rajeev and baby who are very rude and never try to help any weak students.The washrooms are horrible here the school is very partial and the pricipal of the school is good for nothing.This school is very overrated and most teachers in 11th & 12th barely teach anything in the class and are always rushing with portions without making the students understand the concepts.I feel kids can go to any other cbse school where the fees is much lower
This school is good. I felt it was a very bad school during primary wing because they used to force us to dance when I dint like to dance. But in middle school it's ur wish choose ur own activity. Scholar badge system may inspire or depress a student mostly it encourages the student to study more
the one star is missing because the canteen food is not good and there no proper management of bathrooms
This school is very partial. They have something called PTP in which students who got low marks have to attend which they have to even if they don't want to or can't This sessions don't take place during school hours but take place after school so if a student attending PTP has tutions or something else that is important they cannot back out, first off all there is pressure of studies then they have a lot of homework and notes which come on the school site have to be copied down in their Nbk which is ridiculous. The teachers are partial and don't even know the language english propely , and are teaching is a english medium school. If you are planning to admit your child to DPS sharjah it is a BIG MISTAKE!
12 Nov, 2016
Your child is getting low marks. Isn't it the school's responsibility to work with your kids and make sure that they are in phase with the other children?
Maybe as a parent you should take the initiative of opening their books one day and try to teach them on your own.
Pressure of studies is there in every CBSE school Mrs Daisy, and I suggest you think of changing the curriculum if it's too much for your child.
oh and also It's scientifically proven that when someone writes down information they remember it better...
Also, our teachers take the effort of typing the notes.. The least you can do is appreciate their hardwork. No other school does this, take my word I've been studying in this school since 5th.
Reply by ABCD
6 Dec, 2016
But I feel Mrs Daisy is right what if the child cannot attend it for some reason because they cant stay back. First of all you wake up at lets say min.5:00 am and you are in the school till 1:30 which is somewhere about 8hrs 30 min then you are adding another 2hr which makes it 10hrs as a student you are working for 10hrs and the teachers wake up even earlier to complete some of their work earlier and some who have to drive to school which is even tiring for them imagine what they are going through waking up earlier and going home late they wont even have time to rest. so how do you expect them to stay back and teach ? Its not about the marks, Its about dedication you are forcing a student to stay back even if they cant or don't want to . And please you cant expect a parent to sit and teach their child as working parents leave early and come home late. and as being a sensible teenager you should be expected to sit and do your work on your own so please READTHISIAMASTUDENT stop blaming the child and its parent. And yes their is no doubt that their is hard work put in by the teachers to type the notes but this does not mean to appreciate the teachers work the child has to copy the notes down.
well i have absolutely nothing to say because all most the reviews are true . the school is awesome till 5th the teachers are nice , no partiality and going to school is really fun , but from 6th on wards the school is not what you expected its nothing like how it was in primary
12 Nov, 2016
Dear no one,
Going to school will be fun till you are in 5th.
But if you expect the same fun to take place in senior school expect the graduate from school when you are 24.
All the best!
So, many people have heard that dps sharjah is one of the best schools, but to be honest, it's one of the worst schools, some of the english teachers does not know how to speak proper English,and art teachers are supposed to teach us how to paint but in dps sharjah art teachers do not teach you and expect you to paint well or else you will get insulted...and our pe teachers are so lazy that they make us jog for 3 rounds while they talk, then they tell us to play whatever you want or sit somewhere if you're sick,and they just stand and watch us trying to our school buses, there are helpers who does nothing but sleep.and in each Sunday in a month, there is an activity called msr activity, we are supposed to bring tea powder, sugar etc.for charity, they next day you can see all your stuff for charity being used by the teachers in the staff girls washroom, the washroom cells are so small , the dustbin in each cell is kept between the wall and the toilet and when you sit you have to some how adjust so that the dustbin doesn't touch you,the cleaners make the students clean their classroom for eg,someone spilt water and you inform the cleaners and they give you the mop and you're supposed clean while the teachers teach. In each classroom there is an ac or a fan or both but none of them work.each year when they give you the bookset, you're supposed to pay like 500+ and some of the books are not there. They give us ALOT of homework, sample papers , extra sample papers, revision sheets, extra revision sheets,class tests, nd they give us a lot of stress and they call it "stress free studies" , each an every student is stressed out for exams which are going to take place three months after.and our supervisor sits in the washroom sending people back to their classrooms. This school lowers students hopes, confidence, self esteem and much more...
Reply by nnnn
23 Oct, 2016
Every school has its problems, not just DPS Sharjah. For those complaining about the work load, it is not the school's fault, but rather CBSE's fault. The school has to comply with the board's requirements. Many of my teachers have complained about the workload as well, but they are helpless to do anything much. As for the teachers being bad, you can't expect them to be perfect. A few teachers who are probably stricter than most do not reflect how all the teachers are. There are many who are actually very good at their job. Yes, I agree that the washrooms aren't exactly the best, but be grateful that there is some place for you to do your business. Have you seen the condition of some of the washrooms in India?? The cleaning staff is very polite if you treat them well. About them not coming in time to clean up spilt water, please learn to clean up after yourselves a bit. They won't be there to clean up after your messes everyday, there's nothing wrong with cleaning up after yourselves and helping them out once in a while. They're human too, and they don't exist solely to clean up others' messes.Be a bit mature about it. Yes it is their job, but cut them some slack. The conductors in each bus (or helpers as you called them) do their work. They're supposed to help you cross the road and ensure you get to the other side safely. If they sleep in the bus, have pity on them. They don't just work in the bus, they do odd jobs about the school as well. Lifting heavy stuff from one block to another and running around to do what the teachers ask them to is not easy. It is tiring. You complain about the English teachers, but please, check your own grammar first before making such accusations. Often, they have to go with what the board says (trust me, my own English teacher had to cut marks from a right answer because the board said it was wrong). Again, the teachers are entitled to make mistakes too. That's how we all learn, by making mistakes. The school has this thing called SUPW, wherein you get to choose your extracurricular activity/club. Please choose something else, if you're not good at art instead of blaming the teachers. They're there to give constructive criticism and hone your skills, not create a new talent in you. The P.E. teachers don't ask you to play whatever you want, they divide the class into three groups and ensures that each group gets a chance to play each sport. Of course the teachers will be snappy, they have to watch over students who become unruly during P.E., they're going to get tired. It's okay if they stand about and talk once in a while. And of course, you shouldn't be playing sports if you're sick, you should be sitting down, I don't see what is there to blame the teachers for. The air conditioners and fans do work, and if they don't the school does its best to fix them quickly. Any damage is because of students misusing them. Dealing with a huge workload may not be pleasant now, but it certainly helps in the long run. If you go abroad after school, while others around you struggle with the work load, you'll be able to tackle it with more ease, simply because you're used to it. If you're stressed out about exams, please, prepare in advance. Not every student is stressed out. No one can give you anything unless you accept it, so they aren't giving you stress, you're taking it, and it is unnecessary. The supervisor sends people back to class from the washroom, it's because some use it as a place to bunk classes. Again, if you willingly skip classes, you won't know what is being taught and then you get stressed out before the exams and blame the teachers for not teaching you properly. I'm not saying that skipping classes is taboo, but learn to take the blame for the consequences. Till then, the supervisor has to make sure that you're not skipping, otherwise the school gets blamed. Your hopes, confidence and self esteem are you own, no one can affect it unless you let them. People will always try to, so learn to not get affected by it. Before blaming something or someone, please see where it is actually your fault and where it is theirs'.
Reply by Mrs . Baboushka
8 Nov, 2016
Dear nnnn
First of all the English is not bad its just terrible, and don't you think that in a English medium school the English is supposed to be understandable ?. And the conductors are supposed to help the children cross the road but in some buses they don't and I think the conductors are in the bus to ensure that everything in the bus is in order not just to sleep so that we can pity them and neither are the parents paying the school so much to watch him to do so. And as far as washrooms are concerned , first of all we are not in India so please STOP comparing . Second of all there can be so many infections that can be caused by unsanitary washrooms. And just understand the importance of MONEY here. The parents are paying the school for the best teachers to educate their child, so please don't blame the CBSE for some of the teachers horrible English , so I would like to quote something YOU said above. "Blaming something or someone, please see where it is actually your fault and where it is theirs".
Reply by adiswag
12 Nov, 2016
Oooohhhhhhh burn!!!!
Reply by youdontneedtoknow
11 Dec, 2016
Dear nnn,
I do hope you realize that some children in this school are scared to use the washrooms because they think that they will get a urinary tract infection due to how unsanitary the washrooms are. Is this the state of the art facilities we are paying for? A couple of days ago, we saw poop on the floor of a stall, the door and all around the pot. Think about it.
I am a student of dps sharjah and believe me, you dont want to be sending your child to this school. The school takes a ton of fees and has cheap products, THE BATHROOM'S ARE SO UNSANITARY, plus there is foul language written on the back. The staff recruited by the school are good and bad, some even dont know proper English and try to teach us history teachers hit us and all the awards we got are fake. I have stuck with dps from KG 1 so i regret it, I remember this one instance when we were in the library when there was inspection, and the ministry stepped in the library.So at that time my classmate fought with another classmate of mine for a book, the ministry commented about the situation and after the ministry left the library teacher made a big fuss about it, it just shows that they show every thing to the ministry like pastries when its hard as rock actually. Even the cleaning staff in the school are rude and dont come on time if water has spilled, and teachers often have fights with them.
Once one of the blue boys, lost my notebook before the weekly exam was to commence.
The schools have more attention to extra curricular activities rather than studies.
My parents have been complaining to me that my school bag was pretty heavy and it could damage my back, but the school banned trolley bags, and they say its for reducing noise pollution. Now they put up lockers for show sake the very next week they put up the locker the class teacher said that we have to bring duplicates, some of my friends duplicates didnt work so now theyre locker is pretty much not to much of use.

IN SHORT THAT SCHOOL IS WELL-TERRIBLE send you're child to a better school.
I will say that this is a terrible school from my experience. I have been studying in this school for the past 7 years. In the starting i used to believe that the school was impartial and as I grew realized that it was the opposite. When certain students win certain awards they are congratulated and heaped praises on, but when another student who may have won it multiple time wins, there is no mention. As for the teachers, there are good and bad. Some teachers are ridiculously under qualified, like a History teacher having a degree in physics. And the teacher does not even teach, just reads from the book, repeats what he said a few times and marks the answers. Better than that is to just study the whole book, without a need for a teacher.
The school does give importance to sport, but severely restrains it to the point that if I want to play or take part in one of them, I have to pay Hundreds of dirhams extra. And that too for one to one and half month with only three days a week. And if the school has some kind of event planned which causes us to miss it, they wont give us extra days. Also during inspections they train us to sit quitely etc just so they can increase the fees or something like that. Recently the school started a stem lab. it seems like another thing just added to the curriculum to attract potential students.
If you can please dont choose this school for your child. If its already done, then please change your childs school by 8th standard.
Ive been studying in DPS for 7 years and don't regret every minute I spent here.Sadly I'm changing my school since I'm leaving the emirate.I was keen on sports and my academics so my father put me in here.The school has got really good facilities and mostly good teachers.This is one of the best Indian schools out there.Since I was in the basketball school team there were certain advantages such as extra 10%marks if I had an interschool match the day before the exam and many more which other schools don't.This is an awesome school which provides good education and sports.
I am a student in the 10th grade in DPS Sharjah. I have been studying in this school for the past 8 years now and let me assure you all DPS Sharjah is the worst possible school you can go to. It is all about politics and partiality. The school campus is horrendous. Our classrooms are very grey and depressing. Some of the teachers here even HIT the students. We did complain to the authorities but as always no action was taken against the teachers. The teachers at this school are the worst. They cannot teach and they extremely harsh and say very rude things. Our supervisor Beena Rajiv is among the worst at this school. She is extremely rude and partial, fowl mouthed and does not hear you out AT ALL. The teachers are always rushing with portion and nobody cares about actual learning, its all about exams trust me. Staff students are favoured so much and are given way more opportunities and benefits than other students. This school does not recognize any real talent and we have absolutely no extra curriculurs. Everything done at DPS Sharjah is fake and for namesake. I will be shifting my school in the 11th grade to the IB curriculum. Our principal is horrible and only cares about showing everyone what an amazing job she's doing when actually she is the worst principal we could ask for. Our PE classes are nothing. We barely play, all the PE teachers do is enforce harsh, strict unfair rules and yell at the kids in the most harsh manner. With no prom, no graduation ceremony, an extremely stressful school routine DPS is where my teenage years dude. Also we have the most dirtiest and unsanitary washrooms which are always wet and slippery. During ministry inspections our school becomes super fake. All the teachers act nicely suddenly and we are trained to act unnatural. Folks, this is DPS Sharjah. We Dipsites know how DPS actually is, ask us. Do not put your children in this school, you'll save them a lot of heartache.
When faculty are not professionally qualified what you expect from them. Agreed with most of the comments that excellence comes from within student&parents mutual hardworking. They give more preference to their own faculty kids irrespective of lack of talent.
I am a student studying in DPS,Sharjah since 2004. The school has changed so much over the last 15 years. When i was in primary classes the teachers used to be frank and inform the parents about what is going on in school but now...they don't even bother to tell the parents what is going on! My sister who is currently in grd 3 her teacher only selects 1 girl ALWAYS for comparing etc. The school takes so much money from our parents and CLAIM it's for better facility but really there's no improvement to anything in our classes or outside classes. The washrooms are disgusting my parents visted the washroom during PTM and pitied all of us for the bad conditions of the washroom. And the only reason our school got any award be it Khalifa or best school etc. It is only because few days before the inspectors arrive they present everything sugar coated. The teachers ACT so kind and sweet to the students and everything is at it's tip. But ask the ministry to conduct a surprise inspection then you will see the true colors of DPS,Sharjah. There is only a fine streak of children who are ALWAYS selected for every program in school. No auditions are held and no chances are given to the students to showcase their talent. The headgirl of the school is always someone who is a staff child. Popularity plays an important role on getting a good position in school and ofcourse they are chosen for every school program. If you really want to know the real story about dps,sharjah ask the students.
Reply by Mrs.Mary
4 Mar, 2016
I agree hundred times with this students comment.Being a former teacher in the said school and mother of an ex student,whatever this student has said is true.But the truth is that most of the CBSE schools in UAE run on the same format, the only problem is that parents are unaware of what really happens in school.Every single School Head girl or Head boy of this school is /was a teacher's son/daughter.I feel the ministry should have an enquiry regarding these matters,as every child should be given an opportunity to showcase his/her talent.It is the right of every student.Otherwise in the long run ,these students lose their confidence and it effects their entire life.The ministry officials will not interfere as they have a strong hold there gained by means of bribery.The children in the school get good grades only because of the hardwork of the student,parents, money spent to get additional help outside school and the multiple amounts of tuition teachers employed.The school only helps in fostering low self esteem due to partiality,lack of discipline etc among students.I feel by word of mouth the students should pass on this message to prospective parents , so that the school stops such inhumane acts.If I have to write I can write an entire book about the wrong things which happen in this schools.The worst school ever- which reminds me of the proverb Áll that glitters is not gold"parents please dont go by the show off by school authorities on the occasions that you visit the school. Thats not the real DPS.I shifted my child years back and I hae never ever regretted that decision.Now I can see a happy and confident child.
Reply by mmrs
8 Oct, 2017
Could u suggest which school is better now? In which school is ur kids?
Should we enroll our child in this school
Reply by Mrs.Mary
4 Mar, 2016
Please do not.If you do not want your child's self esteem and confidence to lower to zero! The school is full of partiality.The day I rescued my child from there ,I feel I have given my child a new life.
DPS Sharjah is nothing but fake. I am a student studying in DPS Sharjah. People stats that DPS is extraordinary school because they have won the Khalifa awards and several other awards as well; Do you know how?
They PREPARE the students to behave in a particular way before the ministry arrives, they give all the teachers a new routine to follow but just for the day the Ministry arrives for inspection. There are extremely few teachers that are good, like very few. Others are useless, trust me.
Please try avoiding joining this school, because all that happens here is Politics and partiality.
They take a lot of fees and even the transport fees have increased because it is the CHAIRMAN'S DAUGHTER'S COMPANY and that's just stupid.
All this school thinks of is earning profit and presentation of the students towards the ministry. No one really cares about education. If you're smart, you are and you'll get your marks, otherwise they'll just send you for extra classes (swaybacks) which are pointless to be honest.
They take loads of fees but can't afford to get a decent mike system for school events.
Teachers rush to finish the portion, they don't see if you have understood the concept or not.

Students from DPS have won Hamdan awards, but is it because of the school?
Ofcourse not!
It is because of their individual achievements, there is no part of DPS Shj whatsoever. Its just a coincidence that those students are a part of DPS Shj.

This school buys the cheapest of things to earn maximum profits, they don't even have enough Badminton racquets for the students to play during PE.
And they only give importance to Basketball, no other sport.

Everything run due to partiality and money here.
Reply by Anonymous
4 Mar, 2016
What this student has written about Hamdan Award is absolutely true.The school doesnt do anything other than giving seals on the required forms.Every achievement and hard work is the students and the parents.When my child applied for the Hamdan Award the school was not at all co-operative and they even gave wrong marks for the annual percentage.They were not willing to give the required papers and we had to complain to the ministry and they had to intervene.After everything was done they even tried to cheat our child by sealing the recommendation letter without the required form filled. Because the file was good, we were informed by the ministry about this fact.They tried all methods possible to cheat our child ,who was a deserving child because there were other teacher's kids they wanted to promote.They did not even give us the video and the forms which were supposed to be given to the student once the child won the award (proving that dps cannot stop my child from getting the award if God thinks he/she is capable)I stress the point given by this student it is all dirty politics and partiality in this school.The school should be named Delhi Partiality School and not Delhi Private School.
DPS only a brand name otherwise it is wrost. We are giving priority to that school thats why DPS is getting demand. Request to all parents please go to such type of school where you, your kids and education will get value.
Reply by Hussam
22 Dec, 2015
Like which school?
Dps is a better school than most of the schools in uae. Thats the reason why they have won the sheikh khalija award. Most no. Of hamadan awardees are freom this school since the past 2 - 3 years. Which school is as good as this school.
Reply by Anonymous
20 Apr, 2016
The school may have plenty of students who have won Hamdan Awards, but they do nothing to support the child. It is the child's individual hard work. They have even got this system where children who have got good marks in their overall score have to wear special ties known as scholar badges. This partiality makes the other students' self esteem go way day. The only important people in that school are staff children. If the mother/father trains the school team. the child automatically gets into the school team, Hence, there are no more seats for children with actual talent. This school is VERY VERY commercial and only cares about how much money they can steal from us students.
why dps is changing selection stratergy every year .wat they are actually looking for .this year they send regret message though applied earliest around 12.15am.this is very disappointing .we select dps due to a reason that it is oustanding but the way they play with emotion is very bad.for akg admission y such process
Reply by shamsuddin
23 Oct, 2015
Dear XXX

we have to log and complaint in ministry of education about the admission process, and request ministry of education to have full audit to know how and base on what DPS is feeling the seats.
Reply by Purnima
28 Nov, 2015
Can I please get details on how u complained. Even I want to complain. As the DPS kg admission is nothing but a money making scam.
This school is so bad that my children cry to go to the school,they say that their teachers are very partial,my younger daughter is not good at studying and my older daughter is a A+ student,but she is also changing her school in younger daughter's Maths teacher is Ranjana Tyagi,she might talk in a very sweet way to the parents but she is very partial,she made my daughter cry by comparing her to her older sister as she was the same teacher,my daughter hates thus school so much that I once caught her praying to God for a better and more honest school.i fell so sad for her and I will be shifting her in the 9th grade.parents if you think of shifting your children to DPS shah,please think twice,do t make your children go in the misery of this school.i wish I could give it a zero star but I can't,so I am rating it 1 star
i read the comments but want to stress the point here which other schools doesnt hv these problems even in india its still worse. u say children behave like animal but the main creators are parents spoiling the child from birth. one parent ofsmall kid goes with the word for her child which they follow till adolescence so if a teacher points out that student is not behaving properly or any complaints no parents ready to accept everyone thinks their child is the best as a mother even i will say but we should keep our eyes open and chk twice. one said kids should not be interviewed why asking name and general qns parents should train them if child has to mingle in society it is needed if the same is said in america or canada then its best but in indian school its worse please parents bring up your child properly.teach the values first and i hv seen many parents bringing up their kids like princes doesnt want to strain so pay money and take seats whats the use .ur spoiling ur kid.for primary sns no interview then when in teens no exams or marks no scoldings or my child will do suicide what sort of my view first parents mentality has to be changed if ur child is not capable or prepared for the interview dont go for that school go for the one accdg to ur child's needs where is the right to comment abt other parents or school bull shit of that the name of democracy indians are spoiled to write or comment whatever they stop that nonsense first use ur brain how to select the school then approach
Reply by Vicky
12 Oct, 2016
I am actually laughing on your entire written paragraph. See what "language grammar and vocabulary" you have used to defend the DPS Sharjah . I don't know who are you but after reading your comment I get so upset because you are must be teaching or studying in the school of you may have some connection with the school.After reading your Superb English I have decided not to even think about DPS Sharjah for my kids because I don't want them to read and write English like you. hahahahaha. Thank you so much for giving us a signal to find better options.
Reply by DpsKid
12 Nov, 2016
The only thing you're doing is judging someone who's, rightfully, defending his/her school.
Everything that person said is true and all you're doing is insulting someone's way of speaking because youre a judgemental, rude, condescending, arrogant, pathetic snob.
Now you know how it feels to be judged.
DPS shj is an amazing school. Sure, it has a few faults...but all schools do and ours tries its best to make the students comfortable and successful and good citizens and i would never want to study anywhere else.
Im disappointed in all the other disloyal students who are insulting their lovely school.

In 2014 me and my husband did registration of KG 1 for our kid in DPS Sharjah. We were given date for assessment and I would like to share my experience of same, its so unfair and unkind behaviour of school management of taking such test and putting pressure on little ones. Who gave them rights to judge tiny tots and make them feel unfit for school if they are not selected. My son is wonderful in evrything and Im proud of him. Many people aorund the world whoevr come across compliment my child for his goodness in nature and overall. In assessment the child for was called alone for few minutes and then with parents. My child dint not go alone, he was not comfortable going with a stranger in room. He was not wrong we alwys teach our child be careful dnt entertain strangers and plus if child is not comfortable there can be many reasons to it. I being a parent dint not forced my child to go with teacher and would never force anytime to do so without his wish. I was not worried if he dint get through, coz for me child's wish, his happiness and his believe in me is more important then tis education system. This eduction system who claims to be best, then questions to them why do you give so pressure on such small kids, on parents. So disgusting it is for us digest that we live in a society where small kids who just come from home shell are been discriminated and forced to do without their permission. Let them be free and let them be kids not adults. There were bunch of stupid parents who cried and forced their child to go for assessment, me and my husband tried to make them explain not to do so....but no some crazy parents made kids cry and they too...It all because of DPS interview process. DPS head if u were at our place what would u do? what is your responsibility being head of DPS towards these small kids. My son got rejected coz he dint go alone, Im not writing tis coz im angry that my son dint get admission. He will prove himself in other best school which have finalized and he got thru lucky draw. I am v happy that he dint he thru DPS test, they are looser not my child. I want all parents to be fair to their child and please dont pressure your kids for such crazy test. These schools will not be there with us, but child who is best will bloom n be with us forever. Love them and will positive about them no matter what. For DPS its my genuine request change your admission procedure, you have name in sharjah do not ruin with such experiences and be fair to all kids and you dont have rights to judge small kids and give options to your other school to make when they get rejected....not fair...they are nt for sale....please being in education system , be in society to improve and stop making business of education system.
Reply by vidya
5 Jan, 2015
the above statements given by parent is very comming year parents if u want to apply dps please don put any pressure on kids u just concentrate on ur status
even i had applied and din get thru it .
dps only pretend they select candidate on merit basis but actuaally many get by influence.even a cried kid got thru it.and also the application is opened at midnight first come first serve .why such kind of rigourous process .even selection based on fathers designation .and when its time to collect registration amount they just grab it .they are pressurisng the parents as they know very well its a top school of sharjah and all parents will not leave a chance to apply .
hoping to see a good school than dps .
Reply by abc
6 May, 2015
My kids have been studying in the school for last 11 yrs.. i ve never come across any such issues... i think the school has to have some criteria for selection. It is a very easy thing to understand that the schools receive a larger no of applications as compared to the no of seats available. We teach our child not to go with unknown people. But at the same time we teach our children that when you go for the interview in a school you have to answer all the questions you are asked to the teachers who are present there. and you dont have to worry, this is the school you might join, and then you will have to come to the school alone, just like all the other kids. Is it only the schools responsibility to teach the children? Is it not parent's duty to prepare the children for such interviews?
Reply by RB
20 Sep, 2015
could you please let me know to which school have you enrolled your child now?
I have recently moved to Dubai and want to look for admissions for my sons. Any help on schools will be highly appreciated.
Reply by Purnima kamaluddin
28 Nov, 2015
Dear PSK,
Please tell me which school did u admit ur kid?
Reply by abcd
23 Feb, 2016
Can you please suggest me that in which school should I admit my kid in kg1?we are shifting to sharjah
My child have been studying there for over 10 years. He is now in college and I am happy that I have enrolled him in such a school. He is extremely smart, brilliant and it is only because of DPS Sharjah. This school is extremely good and as far as I have seen, I don't think there is any partiality.
Reply by aparna
31 Jan, 2015
Dear Madam,

How come your son is brilliant because of school, he can be smart only. He is intelligent by birth.

Reply by Deepanjan
16 Feb, 2015
Sorry Aparna , I beg to defer here brilliance and intelligence also needs proper exposure and grooming .....DPS is best because they groom the children well ....
Reply by Frustrated DPS Student
18 May, 2016
Excuse me, ma'am. I'm a student of Grade 11 in DPS. I would like to say that even I'm 'smart and brilliant' but I've tried multiple times to get any recognition or appreciation from the school, in vain. I went for many extra curricular activities but they just selected the people whom they've been selecting since the starting. There is no space for people who wish to do something new.
Your son just got lucky. The school didn't do anything much. It's because of of his own self and your parenting that he's become the smart person that he is today. DPS doesn't grrom children well enough. Only a few children get Hamdan award and all that, the school takes full responsibility of that and promotes the child. Other students are not recognized.
I'm a very average student if you talk about extra curricular activities, because the school never gave me any chance. I would've loved to shine too. Just because your son did amazing doesn't mean that other students are not suffering. I wouldn't want any other parents to enroll their kid in this school until the school changes for the better.
The school gives more opportunities in sports activities to teacher kids and kids who are enrolled in paid school activities (irrespective of talent). Further, more holidays are given during exams (resulting in lesser study days).

Also school do not treat parent's concerns seriously and makes unilateral decisions.

Recommendation is that school top management committee should conduct online survey from parents through a web link of survey sites and review results without school's day to day management team, to improvise.
Our experience at DPS was too bad that we pulled our daughter out of the school ,as it was doing more harm than good to the child.Before 2008 the school had a good reputation, but once they were established ,things have started taking a new turn.Nobody cares for your child .He /She just exists in the school.Most of the kids do not let their parents know about what happens in the school ,as they are happy to be left to do whatever they like ,whether it is running around in the class while the teacher is taking class or passing comments or roaming around in the school.Parents who visit the school are unaware of this lack of discipline ,as the management takes extra care not to let this happen in the foyer.The school boasts about its involvement in activities ,but if a parent keeps his eyes open ,he/she can understand the fact that the school team for any extra curricular activity consists of the Principal's,Headmistress's,Supervisor's (many created at each level) kids alone.They alone become prefects and all rounders.Parents please do check the previous 'Yearbooks' and you will find pictures and articles of only staff children.Nothing else is needed for an able and brilliant child to get upset ,when his/her abilities are not recognised. The marks are entered in the computer and later it turns into percentages with added marks according to the CCE format.Teachers and management add marks for those kids whom they want to support.The child and the parent will never come to know what happens behind the screens.The board exam results are good ONLY because of the tutions and parental guidance.The main school in Delhi might be good ,but not the one in Sharjah. Admissions are not tight,as my daughter's class had just 27 students while the ministry gives permission for 40 per class. But the school management denies admission to prospective parents to show that the school is in demand.Lot of discrimination in the school ,even in the way the school rules are followed.Different rules apply for different kids ,according to your financial status and position in society.Parents ,please do not fall into the trap of a brand name.Brand name ,school fees etc cannot be a good criterion in the selection of a good school.There are many schools where the fees is low ,but which offers much better quality education.
Reply by Not to disclose
27 Oct, 2013
What this parent telling is absolutely correct. My son is also studying there in grade V. I have noticed in the initial years the school was very good. Now they have name and established in the market. What is going on there is absolutely business and there is no ethics or professionalism. Even current year's admission I have learnt that they haven't received enough applications, however they have stopped receiving applications to show that they are in high demand. Teaches are absolutely of no quality. Students are securing more marks only because of home tuition. There is no proper forum for a parent teacher interaction. Perfectly no channel for the parents to reach the management to present any matter of general interest. Only children of people who are internally influenced will be getting special attention. Don't fall by the general publicity. There are may other good schools with low fees. Higher fees is not a yard stick for the quality.
The school states that every child is given equal opportunity.But our son has been studying there for the past 7 years and finally we have decided to change his school.The teaching is hopeless.Children excel in studies only because of the parents support.Children need to go to school only to get the necessary attendance.Our son has been getting 95% above marks every year,with zero input from the school ,other than providing the books.The school seems to exist for the benefit of certain teacher - students ,including the children of management staff.The students are not aware of the activities which goes on in the school.They have a system of informing the parents on CLP within a very short notice or sometimes after the selection is over.The discipline of the students is zero.They behave like animals and we need to equip our kids to behave in the same manner if we want them to survive (which parents like us will not be ready to) .Our son comes back from school with blood and scratches all over his body .We have made several attempts to complain ,but no action is ever taken.The school boasts of a system of anti bullying ,but I can provide proof in the form of photos to prove this wrong.Please parents think whether you are sending your child to be educated and made to behave like human beings ,or you just want the badge of DPS.Equal opportunity is never given to the kids and you can see your child frustrated and depressed as years pass by.Several parents have changed the school because of this reason .But as parents who are unaware of these things make their kids join the school,the school management acts very rude and dont need business ,as there are many innocent parents fall victim to the established name of the school.Please make a study with good students and they will give the same opinion.Students who are below average benefit as the school has the facility to pour marks unnecessarily for such kids.
Reply by Melissa
8 Jun, 2015
I beg to differ madam, bullying is something that every child goes through at some point of their life, as it helps them to cope up later in life. If action is not being taken by the school, then I suggest you change the school. I have 3 kids studying in DPS, one already passed out and is doing good in college. My other two kids have also gone through bullying and even I tried to complain. No action was taken, but eventually MY children grew out of it. They are smart now, and can stand up for themselves. And as for unequal opportunity, I don't think that is true. DPS has provided so many opportunities to showcase the children's talents and interests. If you look at the academic accolades of the school, it is beyond exemplary.

(I agree that each individual has a different opinion. But as far as I can see, the school is doing good and its not just me, the other parents feel that too. I am extremely sorry if this seems offensive to you.)

Reply by Anonymous
4 Mar, 2016
My Dear Miss Melissa
Very sorry for the late reply.I saw your post only today.I am a teacher by profession with more than 20 years of experience in the UAE. When bullying goes beyond a certain extend and it continues it harms the child very badly that it effects his/her future too.You are lucky if your kids are fine(with my experience let me tell you,still a long way to go to know the adverse effects - because I know someone who got into mental issues later on in life and doctors found out that the underlying cause was bullying during school years.)May God keep your kids healthy forever.My child also after changing school became smart and he is also able to stand up for himself.But knowing such incidents ,I was not willing to take a risk with my child's life.Please read the other comments written by students in this website and I am sure you will have to rethink your opinion.You said "parents feel that too'.I agree because parents are not fully aware of what goes on in the school.Believe me ,it is not a good environment to be in .
If bullying is good for kids as you said ,why is the entire world trying to eradicate it.If its good ,why don't we promote bullying in school to make our kids smart and capable of standing up for themselves as your kids ? I am a member of Princess Diana's Anti-bullying campaigns.Prince William and Prince Harry take part in these programs in London.All over the world people plan forums ,seminars etc to find a solution to it and Miss Melissa seems to be all for it.

(If the school is doing good ,why so many negative comments especially from children who are victims.I am also extremely sorry if this seems offensive to you.)
Reply by Mamoothy kuttapan
11 Oct, 2016
Dear All,

DPS is all status amoung people to show off. if you see education system.. many GEMS and other private school are good now by 2016.. not promoting any schools here ... go through KHDA review ...
DPS is totally over hyped by world of mouth.

I have seen parents complaining about extra home work on holidays and most of them done by parents only.
I saw on project for Grade 3.. what NASA people eat in space which type of food are allowed...which are the best option for disposal ... are you serious ?