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We changed our son from an Indian School to Choueifat (Dubai - but the system and curriculum is the same in all its schools) and believe it or not we are so happy that we thank God each and every second for helping us make this choice.The school is so impartial and aims at bringing the kids to self study mode, which is so relevant in the present day situation where both parents are working.The students learn time management .I read in one of the reviews that Choueifat gives lot of homework.But from our experience, it is so meagre when you compare to the homework in Indian Schools.It is good that the parents cannot meet the teachers because when it is possible some parents take advantage of the situation to be friendly with the teachers and the end result is partiality towards kids.Their shadow teaching system, computerised exams, prefect opportunities are all excellent.If a student wants to succeed in life ,Choueifat offers every opportunity.Their strict discipline system is very good especially in the modern generation where we tend to pamper our kids at home.The child becomes so responsible that we parents get a lot of free time.Teachers teach properly and as parents we don't need to learn along with the kid -as it happens in Indian schools.Exams become a part of their life and so they are not stressed out.Vacations are actual vacations when the kids can relax and not like Indian Schools ,where lot of holiday homeworks spoil the holidays.Students coming from other relaxed system of schooling may find Choueifat stressful ,but I am sure that any student who comes from an Indian system will only benefit.The system is so motivating and the updated marks given on their website on a daily basis motivates the child to learn and get better percentage.No partiality can be shown by the teachers, as it is all computerised and students get to know the marks on the spot after most of the exams.They understand which question they have made a mistake immediately.The system is really good contrary to the reviews which we had read earlier.Though the KHDA rating is acceptable ,we believe it is because of the system which is rigid.As long as it benefits the children we don't think there is a necessity to change.Our son was studying in one of the outstanding schools and our experience is that 'acceptable' is much better than 'outstanding'.
Reply by Tomsci, 12 Mar, 2016
Thanks for providing a detailed review. I was also in a dilemma. Can I have your email ID pls?

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