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on't believe anything they say. they'll promise you highest level of service but only till they get your money. Even with installment option they offer, they won't do anything until they get full payment and then will disappear. You'll spend weeks looking for them. i have tried even to contact their management but they said that they do not deal with customers.

We've applied for PR few weeks ago with Ambreen. She will seem very professional and responsive. but as soon as you sign up, she will maximum reply with an audio message on whats app saying that she is busy.

For us they just created an internal profile and now saying they won't proceed with anything till they get the payment which is fully against our agreement.

Don't know where we'll reach with them but i definitely don't recommend this company. There are many other companies in Dubai who are also accredited by ICCRC and have a good reputation. If you are planning to apply, do a better research. Don't get trapped into the same experience!
WORST CONSULTANCY SERVICE IN UAE! Do Not Sign-up With Global Migration Services
This consultancy has the worst customer service! They do not provide and will not provide the services that was promised when they are still trying to convince you to sign-up. The moment you sign-up and pay your fees, it's the end of everything. No consistent follow-ups on your application/status. You have to call them up and chase them. They do not proactively do their job. They will tell you all the crap they want to say just to convince you and the moment you sign up, it's like you gave your hard earned money away! Use other consultancy and do not ever think of Global Migration Services in UAE!
21 May, 2020
Hello, I have also just had a terrible experience with this company, has anyone managed to get their money refunded and if so how do we go about it? Please respond to thank you in advance
Unprofessional behavior
Extremely poor services over the phone. Rude behavior by the consultant named AMEENA. I called them to get information about Australia and like others I did a bit of research regarding the requirements.This girl does not even have a single piece of knowledge regarding the Australia PR criteria and upon me telling her the actual requirements she said " If you know everything then why have you called us". " She added that she is the consultant and not me and I should listen to her and what ever she is saying is correct." PATHETIC BEHAVIOR and she was only forcing to just come and pay and I will get the PR. Guys if you want to take the services from GMS, please do a lengthy research as they don't have a single piece of right knowledge. Just need money and trap you for ever.
21 May, 2020
Hello, I have also just had a terrible experience with this company, has anyone managed to get their money refunded and if so how do we go about it? Please respond to thank you in advance
Global Migration Services - Canada PR Commitment
Hi All,
I had a call from the GMS and they committed to a Canada State Nomination within 6 months , citing they are experts and will also be able to arrange Job offers for provinces that make it mandatory for eligibility. Do you guys have any experience as such with them, has anyone received Canada Provincial Nomination merely through the expertise from GMS, they quoted 14k AED as a fee and if one time payment then 10k AED.
Reply by JC
8 Apr, 2020
Hi SS,

Just sharing my experience with you, I started my case with them as same as yours and I got the PR via PNP in 7 months with a job offer that was provided by GMS. It was worth my time and money. I Hope this will help you make your decision.

Jonathan Coachman.

Subject: Profile Ineligible
Dear Mr. Fahad Khalid,
Good afternoon!

Please note that your Express Entry profile has turned inactive as of 11th of August 2019 due to expired IELTS for primary applicant, therefore, you are not eligible anymore.Kindly retake your IELTS as soon as possible and once result obtained, share it with us in order to reactivate your Express Entry.

I don't know what to say after reading such an amazing email from you guys.
First of all, you guys never emailed me or called me in this 2 years time period. When you guys needed money than you used to call me every single day and once the money is with you, you get vanished.
Such an unprofessional way of dealing with clients, a lot of people told me about your bad services but still, I paid you money and opened a case with you. You guys never follow up never reply never update us on anything.
I am sure now you need more money to fill your accounts that why got bothered to send me an email.
I will make sure to put reviews about you everywhere possible on social media to warn them, I wonder if you guys have ANY MANAGER in your company who is professional enough to deal with the case.
You guys literally played with our emotions, future plans and wasted 2 years of our time.
I will make sure to save as many people as I can from you guys. I PROMISE YOU THAT!
Reply by Zohaib abbas
14 Sep, 2019
Did thay give ur money back??
Reply by Maulik Barot
9 Dec, 2019
Hi Dear,

I have visited them in dubai Office today and they had asked me to pay around 2500 Dhs I’m starting and then 10 installment of 900 dhs.. but is it really worth enough to pay this guy money and take service from them or it is just a scam. Please advice me. Much appreciate if you can contact on on +9715261185 91 or
21 May, 2020
Hello, I have also just had a terrible experience with this company, has anyone managed to get their money refunded and if so how do we go about it? Please respond to thank you in advance
Immigration Travel Agency Scam
Immigration Travel Agency Scam

Immigration Travel Agency Scam, this company located in UK, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are one of the biggest fraudsters, be very careful and do not in any way deal with them. They boldly told me to take the case to court if i so wish to or am not satisfied with the poor, nonchalant services they provided. One brat at the office named Ameena claimed she didn't know me during one of my visits at their office, but when it came to payment the same girl never gave me breathing space until i paid then they all suddenly went's so pathetic,am taking serious legal measures in having their website shot down and their business stopped.
Reply by Shah
14 Sep, 2019
Did u get ur money back??
Poor customer service
This complaint is regarding the poor quality of responses provided from their processing team. At the time of availing payments there will be lots of follow ups and sweet agreements and once everything related to payments were done none of them will turn up to us. The processing team allocated for us was changed 3 times and no proper official notification regarding the concerned person was provided. Upon several follow ups through telephone and direct visits only we will come to know the concerned person details. We were forced to change from the 1st person because of her adamant behaviour and pathetic response towards us due to no follow ups and improper response. Then the 1 st one was replaced by 2nd and without any official notification he was then transferred to some other department as told by 3rd person. The same was conveyed to us by the 3rd after several phone calls and direct visit to your office. Now for an email clarification which was send to the 3rd person no response was provided. In addition several phone calls also was done for follow ups. This is really teasing our patience.

One of our colleague who has availed the same service from other agent is getting a very well follow ups , responses and supports with a fees cheaper than yours. Even if we heard someone is going to avail their service we will surely object taking up the service and will surely provide our bad experience about the services. This is really pathetic.
Reply by Zubair
9 Nov, 2018
What is the name of agent your freind has used

You have hired GMS for what kind of services
Immigration visa
Visit visa
Student visa

I will appreciate your response
Reply by Tamer Yousef
23 Dec, 2018
The same exactly happened with me and I cancelled my service and I have made a consumer right complaint so as to get my payment back. I recommend that you do the same so that kind of poor service to be stopped in Dubai.
Reply by Noura
12 May, 2019
did you get your money back?
21 May, 2020
Hello, I have also just had a terrible experience with this company, has anyone managed to get their money refunded and if so how do we go about it? Please respond to thank you in advance
Shameless conmen-beware of going anywhere near them
Completely unprofessional and unethical company. Wife works as immigration officer who gives no information on the process and in the end when one year of your time and money is wasted, in comes “Management “ who is her husband. I don’t know why this company has not been shut down so far.
We wanted to apply for NewZealand and approached them. They (Ms Amtamim)told us it would not be a problem at all since my husband and I are highly qualified. They were so sweet until the payment was made literally following up with us to pay every other day. We both had over 8 in our IELTS and our paperwork was completed. We were asked to wait until our visa would be approved . So we waited.. After a couple of months , since we hadn’t heard from GMS ,I was casually going through the NZ immigration website and there it was mentioned that a job is mandatory to get a skilled migrant visa. Basically we needed 160 points to qualify and we wouldn’t get the 160 points unless we had a job offer from NZ. Typical catch 22 situation. We panicked and asked Amtamim about this and to our horror, She agrees that this is the case... if we hadn’t confronted her , she would never have told us and our application would have expired in 6 months. We asked to speak to the management . Apparently they cannot “allow” us to do that. They referred us to another guy Altamash who is an equally useless smooth talker who then tries to make us apply for Canada!!!seriously???
Then after relentless complaining, we get an email from their “management”(Waqas)who we later found out is Amtamims husband. They gave us back 2000dhs after we had already spent 11000 dhs that also after chasing them for 2 months!!
Please know I wouldn’t take time out to write such a detailed review if I didn’t feel cheated. They have no remorse and they do it to everybody. I don’t know if they will remove this review but I am doing my part so others don’t fall for their trap.
If you need to go to Canada, you can do it YOURSELF!!The Canadian immigration website is very detailed. GMS is merely a courier service who will collect your docs and send to them. They offer no extra advice.
Same goes with NewZealand and Australia.
I hope the government shuts them down soon
Reply by mike
8 Aug, 2018
can i have your number.... wanted to ask you further about GMS cos i too was planning to apply.
16 Dec, 2018
Can we know in which area they were not clear? I got a call today and they influenced me
Reply by Jianglee56
5 Feb, 2019
Immigration Travel Agency Scam advanced fee fraud.
Reply by Mona
11 Feb, 2019
I have paid desposite amount of 2512 and remaining 8650 for Canada PR can anyone suggest Abu Dhabi Office reviews
Reply by Joury
24 Jun, 2019
I literally have similar case.They are bunch of liars,unprofessional,immoral,disgusting....and list goes on.

Please take our review seriously and don’t come near them people.
Reply by Sai
30 Jun, 2019
Hi Nidhi,

Can I have your email id so I can discuss this? We are in the same situation and don’t know what to do.
non transparwnt and cheater company
Its a totally unprofessional unethical company.dont use their services.we initally enrolled and paid 4k but later found that they are not at all flexible, transparent so decided to cancel but they are not givng back our hard earned money.They say they have provided information which is available everywhere and without initial info how customer will decide.the total discussed and showed was differrent ..please dont use their services.
Reply by Noushervan
1 Aug, 2018
Hi Santhosh,

Same here I had pad the upfront payment of 2400 AED. Can they sue us for getting ISD 2000.

Nousher. 0507781459
Bad Experience
I have already invested my money at Global Migration Services and now struggling with the process. No follow ups, no updates, they just take your money making false promises.
Don't use their services. Not recommended at all!
Global Migration Services in Dubai is only after money, they don't live up to their promises, they don't verify the documents well and advice on the right way to apply to get positive outcome. They are only a messenger to get the documents and send them across not a consultation. No professionalism, no proper follow up, you have to call and email them so many times to get an answer. They ruined our chances landing an opportunity to migrate to Australia. I don't recommend their services to any.
Reply by kumar
22 Feb, 2018
thank you dear
as i only paid them registration fees 2400/..aed...
can i cancell my they dis not start any process
Reply by Mohamed
22 Feb, 2018
Can u give me your no. Plz
My no. 0506035191
Reply by Santosh kadam
5 Jul, 2018
did they return ur money?? we are also stuck.. did a big mistake
Reply by Noushervan
1 Aug, 2018
I had made the same mistake. Can I get the my 2400 AED. I just paid it tonight and then I was reading bad reviews about this nasty immigration place.
Reply by Dany
7 Nov, 2018
I didn't start the process yet, your reviews shocked me because they way they approached me was very professional. PLease advise.
I had signed up with GMS for Canadian immigration on 25th June 2016. At the time of sign-up, they had made promises that your application will be filed within two months. However, in three months time, they were not able to even give me a WES reference number for education credentials assessment. I had forwarded them the required documents on 02nd July 2016 for which they replied that they will come back to me soon. Since then, I am waiting for their reply. I had also send a reminder email in Aug 2016 (attached email conversations) but no reply. You only receive calls from them until you have not fully paid for their services. It was the same in my case.

At the time of sign up, I had opted for instalment plan and hence paid only the upfront amount of AED2,392 and I had to submit the PDCs for the balance within 15 days. When I went to them to give them the PDCs, they informed me that if I make the remaining payment in full through ENBD card, I can avail a 12 month interest free EMI because of their tie up with the bank. Due to their confirmation, I had made the full payment and subsequently they said that they no longer have such tie up with the bank and hence I cannot avail any EMI facility on my payment. The services of the firm is pathetic. None of the employees knows anything accurately and they pass on wrong information to the clients. Until I had not made payment in full, I was receiving calls from GMS reminding me to give the PDCs within 15 days. After making full payment, I did not receive any calls about any update on my profile creation.

I have lost USD2,000 to GMS since I withdraw my application with them due to their stringent clauses in the agreement. I am taking time out to write this review so that other honest peoples like me do not fall under the trap of such immigration consultants.
Reply by Wasim Qadir
27 Nov, 2016
Thank you Yousaf for posting a review. I was about to sign up with them for Australian Immigration but reading you review makes me think again about my decision.

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Global Migration Service is a migration consultancy firm with offices worldwide that are dedicated to meeting our client’s immigration needs. Whether you are a local resident who wants to immigrate abroad or a foreigner who wants to take advantage of the many economic opportunities available in the country, Our Dubai office is here to help.

For many people, migration offers the prospect of making a fresh start in a new country. For others, it is a chance to explore new horizons and avail of new business and investment opportunities. Whatever your reasons for wanting to migrate abroad, we are here to make your dreams come true.

Please feel free to explore our website and look at the various services that we have to offer. We are dedicated to making the migration process easier for our clients.
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