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i have also been defraued with many bounced cheques.
They claim their Phillipina Manager in in jail
IF anyone can locate them let us all chase them to recover. At lest we can sell their cars and get our money back.
I am a new victim of them July 2018 returned the car 1000 deposit still with them. Any one with any info contact me please 0561502576 I want to catch them.
Reply by Joben Yoso, 12 Dec, 2018
Same as well my dear till now didnt back my deposit since 17/09/18.
NEW VICTIMS please whatsapp me 0561262990
I was frauded by these people in 2016. Please message me and I will add you to our whatsapp group.
Reply by Arul, 18 Sep, 2018
Reply by Joben Yoso, 12 Dec, 2018
Im new victim brother i rent last september until now didnt return my deposit.
Very bad company
Very bad company. Not an adequate employee. The most common and not safe cars. The deposit was not returned. They deceived me. I do not recommend this company. Be careful!!!
Biggest Fraud!!!
Biggest mistake to rent to this fraudulent rent company.
I am following them for over a month now to collect my deposit back but they are not answering and replying my calls and messages. Filed a complain to economic department already but they said ill sanctioned to Police as this company closed already for over a year now. If anyone who still did not receive their deposit(s) let us meet up and go to the Police Station to heightened our complain. Pls contact me 052 8363 622. Raya
Reply by Nuskimohamed, 29 Jul, 2018
I am one of the victim , didn’t get the deposit money , tried calling no answer at all
Reply by Mari, 9 Aug, 2018
Yes friend .last two month ago I take the car.but still money not return.
I rented a car and didn't any refund. They will pay back till last dirhams,I will assure them that. Be aware car rental with a porn website now,we will get our money back.
They are the biggest scammers you can ever come across. Dont ever rent a car from them, they will take you money and not return it back. Learn our lesson
Plan to take these guys to the cops
I am on the same boat as well with all of you, my 1000 dhs is not being returned.
So I say we go to the cops make a plan with them and then catch these guys red handed like saying we need a rent a car.

If you guys are up for it we can fix a date and go altogether to the Barsha Police station.
If someone if on that whatsapp group please send this message to everyone!
Barsha Police Station is open on saturday as well.

Thank you
Reply by Tjsrimal, 21 May, 2018
Call me 0551228813
Reply by Shady, 27 May, 2018
Hi, I am on the same situation. They took my 1000dh and now not picking all my calls. Add me on group and let us catch all these scumbags 055-5510970.
Reply by Muhammad Naeem , 19 Jun, 2018
Iam agree go with you in police station 0525509693
They stole my money. We need to get it back. Please if anyone interested in joining me 0565744927
Reply by Jude, 14 May, 2018
Hi call me also 0551228813
Let’s file a case
Reply by Shady, 27 May, 2018
Pls add me on group and let us catch all these scumbags 055-5510970.
Fake company
This is a fake rent company take 1000 dirham deposit after not pick your call and also he not write the office detail
Shalha m said
Happen with us too they are not give back money. Warning about this company
Reply by Muhammad Naeem , 10 May, 2018
I take car for 4 days I give 1000 dirham deposit they not give back my deposit already 6 month finish they not pick my call
They runaway with my deposit and the filipina lady my kabayan is a big lier..i red all the reviews and we are all the same pls add me on the whatsapp group 0566696769 lets have action on this
Reply by Russell, 28 Apr, 2018
Please add me to the Whatsapp group. Let’s all go to the police please. I hate people who do like this. My number 0565744927.
Has anyone got hold of these people
Has anyone got hold of these people.
I was dealing with a guy Abdul. Two days ago he told me i will be receiving my refund and two days past he has stopped answering my calls.
The filipino lady is disconnecting my calls straight away.
0521876396 - we have to get hold of them any how.
Reply by Aneesh Mohanan, 19 Apr, 2018
Bro same for me. . . Can we go to police????
i just saw this website. i was a victim of these scumbags as well.
i rented a car from them for only three days but, until now i'm not receiving any feedback from them.
you can check the photo of that lady. her number is 0589085762 / the owner - 0582549752.
that lady is still answering some of my calls but i'm still being hopeless. last time i called her, she told me that she left the company but it seems like she's not telling the truth.

anyone can give me advise?. i really wanted to report these people.

Reply by Jaan baloch, 19 Jan, 2018
Hy all guys please contact me same thing me face now i will tell u some things pls msg me 0526162541
Reply by Muhammad Naeem , 27 Apr, 2018
Sir I give her also 1000 dirham deposit now she not pick my call 5 month finish
Reply by Jus, 14 May, 2018
Please call me 0551228813
I already call and file a complain in consumer rights
Reply by ARUL ANISH, 28 Aug, 2018
For me also facing same problem from this fraud company.. My number 0559428464
Fraud alert
Same thing happen to me as well. They took my 1600 deposit, now2 months already no response from them.
Add me to whatsapp group we will sort this fradulant people out.
they are yet pay me back my 1480 dhs cash deposit. I made a great mistake in renting their car. Pls add me to your wg 0568204351
Reply by Zeeshan raza, 9 Dec, 2017
You are right bro it's happened with my friend also still didn't give back 1000 AED
rent a car
this rent a car is very good even in uae its a best rent a car with low price and they are verr good in servicess and i have no problem regarding securities.
Reply by D.O, 7 Dec, 2017
Okay kindly prove that to all the cheated people
They are assholes they are taking the deposit and doesn't return. Add me 052 7459758.
They ate my security deposit
I rented cars from them in Nov 2015. After following up with SMS for almost 6 months, I filed a claim with DED but their response is that the company has closed so they can't take any action.

But they must still be in operation much later as cases continue to surface of their wrongdoings
Reply by Phil, 13 Nov, 2017
Hello Idrees,

Same thing happened to me. it so sad to know that my own Philippine compatriot will do such wrongdoing. Shame on here! Karma will be served to these people.

I will plan a set up to meet them and make a transaction with a undercover police to catch these scumbag people.
I have also been victim of this. My deposit has not been returned since 5 months and they don't pick up the call as well. The Filipina even blocked my phone number. I know this for sure because I could talk to her from another number and she said it was by mistake. Later on that also got blocked!!

I am an unemployed student and the loss of 1600 dirhams deposit is heavy on me. I lost my internship Stipend of 2 MONTHS
Reply by Kristine , 11 Jul, 2017
Same happened here :( went to police nothing had been done about it!
I wish i could rate with negative stars!!!! I've never experienced service as horrible as theirs my entire life. Horrible is an understatement. I sent then an email itemising all my complaints in the most professional way i could and i received rudeness and threats in return. Not only they are rude and unprofessional but also very discriminating. I could go on for hours on end on how badly they treated me.

I've read all the reviews below and took note of all the phone numbers of the people i saw.. I will create a whatsapp group so we can all see how we can file a formal complaint and put an end to this poor excuse for a company. everyone who wants to join, please message any of the people with phone numbers below and i will add you to the group.

This has to stop. They should be held responsible for all their wrong doings.

this marks my 38th day without my deposit... and still counting.

Reply by Syed, 14 Apr, 2017
I talked to someone and he said that the Company shut down already.Office now closed also.
Reply by Mohd Nasir, 14 Apr, 2017
Hi. I did not get my deposit also its been 3months now. This my whatsapp 0552072659. Add me and lets work together.
Reply by xanthippe, 18 Apr, 2017
These people are scumbags!!! I've already set up the group and added everyones phone number.
Reply by Dallin, 27 Apr, 2017
Hi can you add me up? same problem here. 0566258857
Reply by Ahmad Shumayal, 2 May, 2017
Are there 2 groups? I am already in one group. Anybody who sees this, please note that we have filed our complaints at Bur Dubai Police Station, near Jafaliya Metro station. Typing from Green Bell.

As of date, no action has been updated to us and these people are still in UAE.
Reply by Furqan, 6 May, 2017
Same happens with me
Reply by siva, 13 May, 2017
Same happens with me
Reply by Xanthippe, 15 May, 2017
Its been 3 months since i returned the car and I have not heard anything back.

Ahmad, can we do something in regards to the complaint yo filed to get the case moving?
Reply by Joseph Manalo, 17 May, 2017
Hello. This was happened to me also. Its been more than 70days already. This is my number 0555389487. Thank you.
Reply by Jophson Joseph, 28 May, 2017
Same here ...from 5 months..waiting for deposit refund
Reply by Jophson Joseph, 28 May, 2017
0558085209 add me
Reply by Yasmee , 15 Jun, 2017
Add me to the group as well
Its been almost 60days andmy deposit has not yet returned
Reply by Kristine , 11 Jul, 2017
Add me too please
Reply by Maaz, 6 Aug, 2017
Exactly the same this is going big fraud .. please ad me too 0554455054
Reply by Nor Iel, 5 Nov, 2017
Hi can you also add me to the group.. I've been a victim of this fraud as well. I rented a car from them and already returned it it's been more than a month now and I still haven't received my refund and these people they're avoiding my messages and calls. Help me put an end to this scammers I'm willing to help to file a lawsuit against this people. Here's my number 0552946413
Reply by Syed Zubair , 8 Nov, 2017
Same victim please add me to the group also we will go to police station to log a complaint
Add me
Reply by Abubakr, 21 Nov, 2017
Im a victim too, if u made any whatsapp group please add me too
My number 0508805726
I faced same issue they didn't give back my deposit can anyone go police station for complain i will go with them its froud compny
this company is really a fraud company from last 2 months I am stryggling for the deposit did any one got his deposit back
Reply by muhammad ismail, 10 Apr, 2017
its fraud company and now they also change the office location if any one get the money pls let me know also
Nothe even qualify for getting a single star...!!! These people are cheaters and not responding my phone calls or whatsup massages. My deposit is due now almost 2 months. But we are so hopeless as everyone saying their deposits are still due. Kindly let us know if anyone of you made a complain to police and what is the feedback you received form them. We are also planning to go to police. 1500dhs not a small amount for us to ignore. And it's time to shut down this fraud company forever...!!!
Reply by K ha n, 22 Mar, 2017
Yes ur right let me.knlw.if any one got the money back I checked with lady who booked ylthe she said she was on visit visa even she has not been paid mr.ahmed is the owner and they there office from business bay to al quaisais near l madina super market if u get a chance try to check as I am from abu Dhabi I can't go and check or give.ur number will call u


Terrible company!!! Fraud Fake!!! Name it!!! We rented the car January and was asked to deposit AED1,000. Was promised to return after 15 days, OH My Goodness it took us two months and maybe forever to keep hoping and begging!!! All of them have had ceased communication. Even our fellow men (Filipino) are into this!!! How shameful!!! Keep up the good work!!! We should all go to police and report!!! There should be something we can do to get our money back...
Reply by Karen, 4 Apr, 2017
Hi Kabayan, pumunta na kame sa police station actually madami kame pero wala din nangyari. Ang sabi ng police pumunta daw direcho sa Economic Department at dun mag-complain. Nag complain na ko at waiting pa rin dahil sabi ng DED nakausap na daw nila yung SMS car rental at nagsabi na isesettle nila yung refund ko.
Reply by Hanna, 17 May, 2017
Same case.2 mos na dipa din naibalik deposit namin. Nagreport na kmi sa Ecomonic Department at Consumer rights, sinabihan din namin yung rental company na nagreport kme pero sila pa mayabang. Sinabihan pa kmi na kumuha kmi ng lawyer etc.
Reply by Raya Mariano, 27 May, 2018
Hello guys, does any of you collected your deposit from this company? I got victimized by this frauf company too. a month already haven't receive my deposit from them.
Hi guys....this rent a car is totaly fraud. I am the newest victim. I wish I could have read all reviews before taking their car. They are fully organized frand company. When I need a car they were all after me, now when I want my refund back,they are all vanished and blocked my number. Kindly make complaint togather as a group so that authorities will take strick action against them. Farman(0551035279)
They are really fraud..not picking up call customer service not responding for any query. It's been more than 2 months I am waiting for my refund. They said while booking they will return in 15 days after that they said 15 to 45 days. And now blocked my number even. I never seen this kind of services in my life. AED 1500 is not a small amount to forgive. They don't deserve any star.
Reply by Mark garcia, 18 Feb, 2017
Send me message deepak..0564201728
Guys we need to go together for complain..the more the me..0564201728
This car rental company is FRAUD please do not deal with them they took deposit of 1000 aed never returned my money I went after them for 4 months the police seized the vehicle coz is was not renewed for 2 years and I got a fine for 650 aed for carrying a car with expired registration I called the owner VICKY many times he does not answer my call nor refund my money these man is Liar Fraud
I have the same issue now and I made a complain to Economics department as the police I believe does not cover this matter as this is a company.

If you all will complain it will be a solid case for this people.
Reply by Mildred, 10 Jan, 2017
Hello!so what action did the economics dept do?i have a same problem to and will complain it to the police first then to economic dept.
Reply by dave, 29 Jan, 2017
do u have their office address?
Reply by Khianne, 29 Jan, 2017
Ms. Mildred...have you already filed a complain to the police...we can go together if you want since ive been catching them for 2 months for my deposit of AED1500 but after so many phone calls and sms they will just give you false hopes this company must be closed immediately so no other victims will fall on their scam.
Reply by Jophson, 8 Feb, 2017
i also try to call them ...not answering to get my Advance Back..any body knows the location...
Reply by Ahmed , 1 Mar, 2017
Hey guys I have the same issue I know them address but I went there many times no one is there I have the owner contact number but no response, I complained at department of economic but they close the complaint as they are not responding but they blocked them trade license my phone is 0508786156 if we will go together to police we can complain there .
Reply by Saima, 1 Apr, 2017
Hi ahmed i am facing the same problem they didn't return back my deposit pls give me full address or anyone go for complain i will go with them
Reply by Shegu Nasir, 9 Apr, 2017
Hi guys i have the same issue still i didn't get my money back and i tired call several times but no response i have idea we can do one thing you can call and book the car one more time and once he arrived take the key and call the police and hand over to them and they knows where our deposit money.My Mob- (0554909533)
I visited Dubai last month and booked SMS rent a car, the price was low and the vehicle was new and clean. Best rent a car company in UAE I must say 5/5. Definitely will recommend this to others.
The worst, the deposit of 1,000..until now never returned. It is more than 50 days now and still counting, I will never recommended this company
I have rented one car from this Company and they gave me my Security Deposit after ten days which is supposed to be 45days since they got clearance from their system. The dealing from the delivery to the return of the car were all amazing. I did not have a hard time taking the refund as they even sent it to my doorstep.

Nothing I can say further, this is the most excellent rent a car in Dubai.

Good job guys!
Full of lie! Scammer! You will have a headache if your rent to this car rent conpany!
I have experienced a totally different thing from this Company. I received the refund of security deposit just on time. The finance department even called me before its due date to notify that the amount will be ready on or before due date. Staff are dealing all the transactions fairly and excellently.
Unfortunately, this company doesn't even deserve a one star! they have stolen my 1500AED. Yes, they are criminals and I am going to the police to report them. They will NOT GET AWAY WITH STEALING PEOPLE'S MONEY!
Reply by sec, 20 Mar, 2017
Hi Susan,
Have you reported to the police? I have the same case :(
Hi guys, I am facing same problem now. Have you be able to claim back your deposit? Need advise..please

Reply by Minaj, 27 Nov, 2016
Same here .. I just comeback from there office... I didn't get my money back and tomorrow i am going to complain about this to police
Reply by Khianne, 6 Dec, 2016
Ooohh same that is happening to me now. They told me it will only take 3 days and now its been 10days..
A cheat and a fraud. I have a law suit on that bastard
Reply by Rizmi Abdul Nazir, 30 Oct, 2016
i have a similar case. how to file a case against a similar firm
Reply by tina, 2 Nov, 2016

have you be able to take back your deposit?
I am having same problem now.
Reply by Alma , 13 Dec, 2016
Mis tina and rizmi abdul nazir please call me 0528022273,i have also same problem untill now...tnxs
Reply by arman labitad, 15 Feb, 2017
I also have same problem i deposited 1500AED till now i still didnt received my deposit...0569629944 my number
Reply by muhammad ismail, 5 Apr, 2017
hey friend me also facing same problem we go together in court and make complain against them my contact number is 0557240015
Reply by Thika, 7 May, 2017
Hi all...

Has anyone got the deposit back? or report it to police and any other authority? I'm facing the same problem. it's been 50 days now and no news about the refund nor can I get trough to any of their numbers!!
Fraud --- when it comes to refund your security deposit, they are just frauds !
Very true, the have not returned my deposit. DONT TRUST THEM. MAKE POLICE REPORT
this SMS RENT A CAR, shalha mohd said passengers transport company, is fraud , cheater company, they never return my cash deposit, they are sammers, plz dont take cars from them.
Reply by Salman Haider, 6 Mar, 2016
are you sure about this ??
Reply by Minaj, 27 Nov, 2016
Yes they are cheaters! I also didn't get back my deposit ! Anyone know where is his office ? They are now not receiving my phone call also !
Reply by Adel Mohammad Zeshan, 15 Dec, 2016
No, they are not cheaters. They provide full customer satisfaction. If you confirm the rent, they will give free delivery and pick up plus whenever there is a problem about the car, in one second they will send their technical team to either replace it or fix it. You are posting unbelievable reviews regarding this Company because security deposits are given on exact date.
this company is the worst car rental.
Reply by Marg, 14 Sep, 2015
Hi Hassan, What made you said that?
Reply by Roc, 25 Jan, 2016
This company does not return your cash deposit
Reply by Joy, 23 Mar, 2016
Then why we are not making complaint to the police ??
As I came to know that the staff is also not under their Visa and for this I am 100 % sure ,
I had contacted one staff from their company and I paid him 500/- aed as he's also not under their visa but he was working with them .. They had shifted their new office to Businessbay Citadel Tower office no. 2201
For further information let's exchange the contact number
Reply by sakib, 30 May, 2016
this is one of the worst rent a car company in dubai, they will never give our deposit back, they are playing with us last 4 month and today iam going to police to complaint against this

they are on the citadel tower 2201

one of the lady executive (gelly) making fraud and cheating all customers.
Reply by tina, 2 Nov, 2016
Hi guys, I am facing same problem now. Have you be able to claim back your deposit? Need advise..please
Reply by Mary, 7 Nov, 2016
Im trying to refund my deposit one is giving me a good reason why it takes time to have it..did you complain to police guys?
Reply by Meiji, 16 Nov, 2016
Can there be a no-star marks? This company doesn't deserve even one star. This company is terrible. It is my first time to rent a car in UAE. In my experience, they deliver my car late...very late. It should be in the morning but it was delivered at 3 in the afternoon and we met halfway so I can get the car right away. Second, they will give you an UNREGISTERED CAR (for Pete's sake!). I asked for a Mulkiya but they said if police will check just give this paper. I dont have an idea what is that paper for. I just discovered that it is for the car's insurance when a police catch me because I am driving an UNREGISTERED CAR for several months. Good thing they didn't tow away the car. I got a fine of 400 dirhams for that. I asked them to pay for the fine but until now, they keep on delaying it. Third, they will harass you for TONS OF CALLS because they said they need to register the car and they even say that I WILL PAY FOR THE FINE if the police catch me again. This is hilarious. Lastly, they will ask you to wait for 40-45 days for the REFUND because they need to check if there will be fines. Seriously???? 45 days? I can send a cargo to my family and they will receive it before I can get my deposit back. I checked the fines for the car I rented, the total fine dated before I rented the car is around 5000 dirhams. Maybe this is the reason why they don't like to register the car.
Reply by dok, 7 Dec, 2016
if you want headache, rent a car from this company, i hope i can get my deposit they keep o delaying it! anyways we have our receipt we can contact the police in case!
Reply by Mohammad Abdul, 9 Dec, 2016
I have deal with this company and i totally experienced the opposites of what is posted here. They deal their clients professionally and I received my deposit on time. You might be referring to other company because this is the best car rental service I have ever experienced.
Reply by jhay, 14 Dec, 2016
Hey guys we have the same situation any update if anyone received their deposits
Reply by Red, 15 Dec, 2016
I have also same situation untill now we didn't get my deposit...almost 50 days now
Any idea for this sms rent a car...
Reply by Ana, 5 Apr, 2017
Why don't you make a complaint to the police
U can't get your money back if u all talk here.
Just do the moves like what we did.
They are all cheaters specially the Filipina Girl name Resjelle (jelle) Catapang
They just continuing what they did to us...
We are here in UAE so don't be scared
We all have the rights to complaints because we pay them just bring all your proof

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