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Highly Unprofessional and Fake people
I paid them full amount since march 2017 and first they should not take money without documents . They should tell the person to arrange document and come with certain amount to process. They are just taking money after that they will not respond to your e mail. Don’t feel excited by the review they are their self or friends & family member who write good review to attract more people to come and scammed by them. I will advice first don’t pay anything before the documentation.
Cheaters /Scamsters
i paid the full processing amount in Dec 2015. They assured me that i qualify for the fast track programme, they assured they will refund the money if no visa received. Even after 3 yr ,no progress. In these 3 years 3 immigration consultants changed. The first one Mr Githin was crap, he did nothing in the first year, no communication, no updation , no guidance . The second was good professional but didnt do much. now third is following the case and seems more or less like the first one. my case is with them fromn last 3-4years and i have seen 5-7 case managers. No one gives a shit. for them your case is just a number. Their case managers changes in every 4-6 months. They appoint a new one and that person gives you a false hope and then they also vanish.


Highly disappointing
Thank you for your assisstance and efficient service.
Thank you for your assisstance and efficient service. In my opinion there is no better consultancy for Australia Immigration. I trusted them with my case and they successfully got me my PR! I want to thank my case manager for their guidance and the dedicated Immigration team for their efforts. Thank you so much guys.
Highly reliable
Highly reliable with great customer service!! Recommended highly - used several times and always reliable!!

Easy to use. Quick response
They made it easy to send to them so it could be expedited. Thanks for getting the job done for me quickly.
professional, friendly
Very organized, kind and professional. These people were fantastic. They're professional, friendly and very good at what they do. I highly recommend using their services.

Highly recommend
I always use these guys for permits and visas services. Highly recommend them.
Exceptional Services
What I heard about this Company, Its far better then that. I amazed with the services and professionalism.
Team of Professionals
The people at Permits and Visas are professionals. You can just as easily notice that quality from the way they work. It’s no wonder they have so many clients.
Thank you so much for your friendly assistance.
Thank you guys for your services, You were very efficient and knowledgeable. Thank you so much for your friendly assistance. I would have been totally in the dark without your help.Thank you for support.
Reply by Muhammad Ali Qureshi
6 Jun, 2018
For which country did you apply for? Mention that too. It will be helpful for new viewers...
We really appreciate her effort and hard work in helping us realize our dreams.
I Would like to take this opportunity to thank Permits and Visas team in particular for taking care of my Canada tourist visa application process from the beginning. At each step I was well-guided and got crucial support in gathering key documents. Without her insights, I don’t think I would have able to submit the application accurately.We really appreciate her effort and hard work in helping us realize our dreams.
I have been very impressed with the speed and quality of the work
I have been very impressed with the speed and quality of the work that you have done for me. You have been very prompt and attentive to all the needs. Your professionalism has been reassuring and your advise has been extremely useful. I would like to thank you for all your effort and hard work.Thanks a lot for help.
Reply by Tijo Mon
14 May, 2018
plz reply me on

how is this agency?
i am planning to apply for pr to canada
Thanks for your support!
I just wanted to thank you and the rest of your team on your thorough professionalism in assisting with the arrangement of my Australia visa. All of them are very cooperative. I have troubled them many times, but they have always been cool and enthu in solving my queries.Thanks for your support!
Thank you so much sync visas
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team lead and team for guiding and professionally doing the visa processing work and achieve the goal with out the unexpected hurdles.Thank you so much sync visas.
All the staff are very friendly and supportive
All the staff are very friendly and supportive. We really I appreciate case manager experience and personal attention to each case and his teams handwork.I would recommend case manager of Permits and Visas Immigration Consultants to people who need to do their visa or PR applications for Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
Thank you so much for great help.
Thanks Permits and Visas,I got students visa U.S. It's very depressing for me when my visa refused from other consultants,but with your efforts and your patience and hard work finally i got my visa and mant special thank for my case manager.Thank you so much and god bless you.
My Visa Application experience with PERMITS AND VISAS was excellent
I want to share my experience here because i am really excited to say Permits and Visa Immigration consultant Dubai team really great and their work excellent. Im very thankful for my case manager who handle my application and assess my visa process quickly and easily and now, i am in canada with family. Thank you so much guys for your always great support and services.

Reply by Arjay ragsac
1 Nov, 2017
Are they legit? Because im about to pay already? Pls help ke to decide because i have a doubt to this permits and visas in dubai.pls contact me0553483281
Reply by Maria
26 Jan, 2018
Hi! Are they really a legit company? I saw a lot of negative reviews online and I wanna make sure this is not a scam. Thanks.
Reply by Day Dreamer
5 Nov, 2018
Any Good news about them? Fake or real?
This journey is so easy for us with the help if PERMITS AND VISAS!
I just want to share my experience with you it takes a long time for me to post because im so excited that I got my visa approved and forgot to thank Permits and Visas for helping me out getting my VISA APPROVED - they didn't even bother to ask me to do my testimony.

This is my only chance to THANK MY CONSULTANT and CASE MANAGER they doesn't want me to mention their names because maybe they'll be bombarded with calls and inquiries.

No words can explain how LUCKY AND HAPPY MY FAMILY IS.

This journey is so easy for us with the help if PERMITS AND VISAS!

I already recommended them to my closed friends. (Highly Recommended)
Reply by adnerolf zetineb
31 Jul, 2018
which country you are in now? what job? and how's your family living in there? please reply ASAP
Thank you for all your support and services.
Words cannot express how thankful we are to have found someone as trustworthy, generous and helpful as you are!Thank you for all of your help and efforts. We feel more secure to live in the U.S.A. because of you.Thank you so much.
Wonderful Experience with Permits and Visa team expert.They guys are great!
The experience that I received from Permits and Visa was extremely wonderful. The expert team has been an extremely diligent and dedicated person. I will definitely recommend Permits and Visa should I hear of someone that needs a Visa.
Thank you so much for your speedy responses and quick execution of the process! Left getting my visa till the last minute and all went off seamlessly.You guys are great. Much appreciated!
Permits and Visas, fast efficient, professional, friendly, price very good, recommend to anybody requiring visas, well done to the person I deal with and staff cheers.

It was quick and easy to apply for the visas and they arrived in just a few days.Process was very realiable.All guys are great.A very good service…
Had a very good experience with Permits and Visas. Quick service, great communication, good value for money. Will definitely use again and will have no hesitation in recommending Permits and Visas to my family and friends…
A friend referred me to Permits and Visas. I had to use the services of Permits and Visas for my application for Canadian immigration. Interestingly, I found the team to be extremely sound and understanding.
Thank You Permits and Visa.
Easy to apply, Good Customer Service Relation.Excellent service by Permits and Visa - Very Efficient. Well done!
Thank you so much for the Free Visas Assessment Services and let me truth about my eligibility and chance of getting visa.

Hello Ryan
Thanks you so much for your fabulous support.
Finally i got my Visa for Australia. I would like to thanks the staff of Permits and Visas who helped me in get my Australian Visa.

Thank you Permits and Visas
Excellent Visa staff for immigration! I only found this company on the internet and gave them a try. I never really expected what I found. Very professional and personal service! My skilled visa was delivered in less than 8 months. I greatly recommend Permits and Visas.
Myself and my family recently migrated to Canada and it was because Permits and Visas helped us. We were in a bit of rush because I had a job offer that I had to take up as soon as possible. The team suggested the fastest option is to apply for a work visa which should be granted faster while we will be waiting for the permanent residency visa. Our permanent residency came in 6 months later. Everything went smoothly and its because we had a professional team working for us. I recommend the services of Permits and Visas for all who need a smooth migration to Canada.
Reply by Irtza Chaudhry
29 Jan, 2017
May I have your contact details? I am their client as well.
If you need expert guidance for experienced and transparent visa support team, I recommend Permits and Visas. They were just the right kind of guide for us through what would have been a daunting process. They double checked every document to make sure there was no issues and this helped to reduce the timing for us. Right now, we are living our dream. Thank you Permits and Visas team.
Talk about excellence, I will give it Permits and Visas. Never really have I seen a company so detailed and professional in dealings. They are also very knowledgeable about immigration laws and also fairly priced. I can boldly say Permits and Visas have a thorough understanding of the industry. Every info supplied is in-depth and they were pretty straightforward with the facts as it pertains to us. This organization is just excellent!
I am settled in Canada all because of the effort and help because Permits and Visas who helped me with obtaining a Canadian pr. They have settled all administration and immigration documents that are required in Canada. I really recommend the services offered by permits and visas in Dubai.

Thank you Permits and Visas all team member

Reply by Benish
19 Oct, 2016
hi I m so confused this month I m going to pay them for Canada visa ...
I am so happy about how everyone at Permits and Visas was interested in my application success right from the moment I contacted the organization. Even though I was overseas, I still got a very great support and help which I can’t really thank you enough for. Whenever I had a concern, there was someone to attend to it and answer all my questions. What should have taken months or even years took only a few months. Thank you so much Permits and Visas. I am absolutely satisfied with your services.
Reply by Nirmal
9 Oct, 2016
Please send me your feedback about permits and visa agency since plan to pay my fees to them
Before we want to make surewhetherbit is reliable?
My 2717770
Reply by Tanvi
8 Oct, 2018
This is a fake review. I am tanvi. I am absolutely annoyed by permitsandvisas. since October 2017 until now. No one care for my application , no one knows the rules like I know. Very very bad service. They told to refund my money. from June. Until now they keep saying they are investigating. But no response.I am seeing here positive review under my name. I hope I will get my full money back,otherwise I will complaint to respective department in uae. They siezed my ircc account details as well.I am staying near to their office even.
I called Permits and Visas to inquire about Canadian visa process; since then everyday they rigorously called me and gave lot of inputs on how to process it. For the fact I went ahead and made the payment to start the process and after that for the four months they were in constant updating progress. Once the payment terms were over my file was handed over to different consultant then absolutely no calls and even if I call there is no one to answer it.; the reason to approach consultants is to save time and process effectively. Please respect and learn to give honest updates. If I had to do all the research then it is not necessary to pay someone to provide the services. Please start to work like professionals.
I want to say thank you to everyone on the Permits and Visas team for the incredible service rendered to us! I had submitted an application for Canadian pr Visa since May 2015 and have been receiving information advice in a timely. Just last week, we got a call that our visa has been approved. Thanks so much for your help and support and really, at some point, we were almost giving up. Thanks for the encouragements and assurance. Everything really worked out like you said.
Hi Permits and Visas team in Dubai. Thank you for all your support specially to my case manager who was very friendly and supportive of my case. I recommend This company to anyone wanting to move to Canada.
Reply by Gail
15 Mar, 2017
Hi! Are they legal consultant agency? Because I am about to pay the initial deposit to start processing. Thank you.
Reply by Rean
7 Apr, 2017
Hey gail, is this agency reliable?
I am very thankful for the excellent service that Permits and Visas had given me throughout the whole processing period of my documents in migrating to Canada. The consultant and the manager assisted not only me but all members of my family and you patiently assisted us through the whole process of our Permanent Resident visas. I will surely recommend Permits and Visas to my friends and people whom I know who wish to acquire services like this.
Reply by arjay ragsac
27 Oct, 2017
Hi Jessica, is permits and visas is legal consultancy? because I'm about to pay already.
This is a major turning point in my life. Today, the 5th of Aug 1st 2016, I got the Australian Visa for my family and I. I never could imagine this will become a reality. I had difficulties along the way, if not for the expertise and professionalism of Permits and Visas, I would have given up. They helped with save time and money by providing me with all information I need and guiding me against whatever could lead to rejection of my application. They were very professional, giving me accurate information which helped me make the right decisions. All documentation was done on time and neatly too. Thanks for everything. My testimony is never complete without Permits and Visas.
Permits and Visas helped us from a very disastrous application from a previous company. We were cheated and we wasted a lot of money. Glad a friend recommended Permits and Visas. We trusted them immediately as it was referred by a reliable friend who also got his visa thru this company. They have informed and properly processed every requirement we need for Canadian permanent residency. And finally after so many ups and downs for past years, through Permits and Visas, we finally got the grant. We are very grateful for this opportunity.
I will not fail to express my sincere gratitude to Permits and Visas. Their expertise has helped me in no small way to secure my work permit as well as extend my stay in Canada to get a new job. This is absolutely incredible! Permits and visas’ team helped me to take care of administrative issues that I thought was too bad. Not only that, they took me through the struggles over the changing laws and conditions, something that is way beyond my understanding. I will love to recommend the services of Permits and Visas to all and if there are doubts and concerns that you may have, I am sure their team will help you take care of it.
Reply by Mark Veikoso
4 Jul, 2016
hi there, i have doubts and concern ....just want to ask you , did you also make payments for your processing applications..??
I'm Mark Bautista, I am so thankful to Permits and Visas in Dubai, an Immigration Consulting Services, for the help and support to fulfill my dream to become a permanent resident in Canada. I finally got my permanent resident visa in just 8 months. I still can’t believe it. They deliver what they say. I wish Permits and Visas a great future and success!
Permits and Visas immigration services staff are high professional! They have guided me through each of the application step and they explain in detail. I didnt have to worry so much about the filling, submitting all the documents needed for the application. I have asked them too many questions but they remained friendly, patient and professional. They have answered all my queries and the process went very smoothly without any delays. That is why I finally got my grant!
From the start they realized the importance and stress associated with the application for us, went out of their way to provide excellent service and advise making the application process a lot less stressfu and easierl. My Permanent Residence Visa application was completed in 6 months and we are very thankful and happy!! Thank you again Iqra and Michael for exceptional service and advise as we can now get on with our new life here in New Zealand.
I was referred by my close friends to Permits and Visas, particularly, Marie. I decided to give Permits and Visas a try and it was definitely worth it. Even when I though It wasn't going well and I am about to quit to get my visa, they were there supported me and reassured me that everything will work out just fine that they are confident of my application. true enough, finally got my visa. Moving to New Zealand soon!
I am very pleased and grateful for the supportive team of Permits and Visas. Such a wonderful experience and service all through out the process for my Canadian visa application. Permits and Visas staff assisted my whole family and very patiently assisted and guided us all the time for our Permanent Resident Visas. Permits and Visas is one very reliable immigration company indeed. I will surely recommend your company to my friends and people whom I know who wish to acquire services like this.
Thank you Permits and Visas team of a job well done and helping me get a Canadian Visa with my whole family! I am going to suggest you to my friends in Dubai for sure! Thanks! - Ben Corre
This is a very bad company, be careful against them. After taking money they will do nothing. Fraud company.
I have availed their service 1 1/2 years ago and I am now here in Canada. Just waiting for my wife and my daughter to live with me. Fair and smooth transaction with them. Theyll also give you honest answers to your queries which is good. thumbs up Permits and Visas Dubai team!
Superb experience in dealing with services.. everything gone as i expected. if you guys looking for trusted visa consultant team in Dubai to migrate abroad than at list share your interest with Permits and Visas professional team. im sure you will feel your self at right place.

Reply by hussan
13 Apr, 2016
plz tell me about Permits & visas services can i handover my case to permits visa services
help me plz

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