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Bought multiple groupons, took multiple phone calls to book appointment and was told to call back after 2pm at one stage. Appointment was made, for 10am, when the time came no one showed up. Called multiple times and sent messages requesting when they would arrive, after an hour and a half and 15 phone calls later I finally got hold of them only to be told that she was on the phone with other clients, please note I had called and messaged with no response for an hour and a half. Asked for them to come the next day and was told that the only time they would be able to come would be in 15days. Was called the next day and told it would be better if I cancelled the group on voucher. In my view very unprofessional and customer service representation needs a complete overhaul.
Reply by arlene , 21 Jan, 2018
Thanks for this feedback, I was supposed to call them but after reading this feedback... I change my mind.
as we tried this company for cleaning our villa we found the people very professional and oriented
I found al ramlah cleaning and pest control is very good company and we have contract with them for one year to supply us with 2 cleaners . their people have good training

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