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The worst customer service available in the region, ever. The management blindly IGNORES customer concerns, the account department could be tweaked to be less of a harassment force and more of understanding customer concerns, working towards addressing them and then follow the routine of mindless calls of "is your payment ready?"
After writing to management, and forwarding correspondence that clearly reflects an error on behalf of the TNT staff, we have still been ignored and our account has been deactivated. They deactivated our account with no phone call or no attempt to address our concerns and yet the account department 'follows up' driving me up the wall every few days asking "is the payment ready?". No, now to say so in public, it is not ready and it will not be ready because it is not justified and unethical to charge us on behalf of an error in communication from a TNT employee. The amount is measly and to act in the manner they do, is unbelievable for the same reason. Even if they accepted their mistake and apologized and took SOME responsibility, there'd be hope. Training institutes in the region, I think they could use you.

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