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Looking for a customer care representative position where my customer relations experience can be fully utilized to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the company brand name.
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• Perform CBC , Retic , ESR, , Malaria parasite, DLC, TLC, Platelet Count, G6PDProform,Fluidcytology
Perform PT, APIT, D-DIMER, FDP, Mixing Test, Factor Assay, Protien C, Protien S, Anti Thrombin III, Factor V Leiden, Lupus Anti Coagulant, Von Willebrand Factor, Ristocetin Co Factor, Platelet Aggregation, Intransic Factor Antibody, Anti Xa, Bleeding Time & Clotting Time Test in Coagulation studies, Hpf4a, ADAMTS13.
• Perform Blood Grouping,.Crossmatch, Rh,DU.
• biochemistry test e.g. Blood Gloucose, OGTT,, Cardiac Profile, Bone chemistry , Lipid Profile, LTF, Renal Profile, Blood gases, Endocrine Test, TSH, T3, T4,Betahcg FSH, LH, Insulin,Vitamin D , Vitamin B12, Anti-TG,TPO-Ab, TIBC, Iron profile
,Screening HCV,HBV,HIV,VDRL,TPHA, CRP Anti-ccp, RAfactor,ANA
• Perform Microbiology Test e.g. Urine Analysis, Urine CS, Stool Analysis, Stool CS, Blood Culture, Throt swab, Nasal swab, Vegainal swab, Catalase, Coaglase, Oxidase, Gram Staining, ZN Staining. ELISA e.g. CMV, Dengue.
Testing, Reporting & Troubleshooting,QC,Calibration
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i am looking for the management which offers me the opportunity to show my best ability to be as a driving trainer so i can improve my skills too.
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I am Suresh. I am a passionate chemical engineer looking for challenging and rewarding career in the field of pharmaceutical engineering.if any vacancies are there to match my profile give an opportunity, hence attaching my resume kindly consider.

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I have 4 years of work experience in installation, configuration, deployment, commissioning, analysis, troubleshooting & maintenance of OFC Network with HUAWEI (PTN,3500,1500) & Fibcom Muxes in Kerala circle. Currently designated as OFC O&M Engineer,Idea Cellular Ltd,Kerala,India.
Qualification- B.Tech in IT
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Seeking a position in the accounting field where excellent analytical and technical skills can be utilized to improve the company's profitability. Also a position in the field of accounting leading to managerial responsibilities.
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I'm looking for work in textile companies.I have vast experience in Textiles.ranging from supervision.textile machine operator.garment presser.quality examining.electric motor rewinding.
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I am lookig for a mangement training to develop my skill and knowledge.
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I am looking for a Sales Executive- Auto spare parts - Heavy
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I am looking for the PHP / Web Developer position which offers me the opportunity to develop new skills while strengthening those I already possess.
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I am writing to apply for the post of Junior Electrical Engineer.
The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include:
Familiarisation with QC of Printed circuit boards of power supply units of LED, PCB layouts, Surge Testing, Temperature Measurements of Transformers, Distribution Transformer Standardisation, Relay Testing.
I was working in Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) as a Trainee Engineer and I have a past Experience as QC Trainee Engineer in Kallor Electrical and Lighting Ltd.
Looking Forward to hear from you Thanks and Regards Jitty James 05-62713808
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My name is Mehwish Rauf, I've been here in UAE from 2013. I want to apply for the post of Fitness Instructor.

I've 5 Years experience as Fitness Instructor Including 2 years in U.A.E. in same field and I'm very good at. And I've LEVEL-2 Certification of Health & Fitness.
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