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21 May, 2020
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Lab Technician

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A well established Medical lab requires a Senior Lab Technologist with five years experience in similar field.


(Microbiology Section)

  • Undertake laboratory analysis and monitoring of microbial cultures/specimen using specialist computer software and a range of identification methods and clinical trials.
  • Performed microscopic examination of micro-organisms to determine their morphological and physiological characteristics.
  • Carried out biochemical test to identify the microorganism.
  • Conducted laboratory experiments to identify contagious disease organism. Performed laboratory tests for transmitted disease.
  • Identifying fungal, parasitic, viral and bacterial infections.
  • Collaborating and liaising with healthcare professionals.
  • Using variety of biochemical and molecular methods to determine the infection causing organism.Recording analyzing and interpreting data.
  • Sound understanding of health and safety issues.
  • Experience in molecular detection of drug resistance.
  • Knowledge of microbiology technique, terminology, equipment and supplies.
  • Knowledge of microbiological methods of analyzes.
  • Ability to adapt standard laboratory techniques and tests to meet the demands of specific problem.
  • Ability to make complex mathematical computations, use statistical techniques in the treatment of a data, and interpret and apply findings.
  • Processing of samples, Culture plate reading, reporting and validation of antibiotic sensitivity test.
  • Biochemical identification including API rapid agglutination with antisera and latex for bacterial antigen.

(Clinical Pathology Section)

  • Verifies patient identifiers prior to processing the sample.
  • Checks sample adequacy and performs requested tests.
  • Prioritizes samples marked as STAT (short turnaround time)
  • Performs internal quality control daily & monthly for urine analyzer
  • Performs external quality control of the Clinical Microscopy section in coordination with the section supervisor.
  • Performs evaluation of urine by dipstick and macroscopic examination as appropriate
  • Performs urine sediment exam by microscopy
  • Performs microscopic and macroscopic stool examination.

(Haematology Section)

  • Performs tests in the auto analyzer, verifies results, transcribes & approves in the HMS
  • Prepares blood smears, takes notes on blood smear morphology detected by the pathologist and type out the reports.
  • Performs manual tests for reticulocyte count, sickle cell disorder and manual counts on body fluid samples, CSF cavity and joint fluids.
  • Performs daily and weekly scheduled maintenance of equipment.
  • Maintains inventory, stock and consumption of material.
  • Assists the supervisor in performing and documenting all daily quality control process.
  • Cross checks and identifies the adequacy and integrity of the specimen received in the section.

(Biochemistry & Immunology Section)

  • Receives samples of blood and body fluids , checks identity , centrifuges & performs various tests as appropriate.
  • Checks the centrifuged samples for haemolysis and clots informs the concerned doctor and lab reception desk if the sample is unsuitable for analysis.
  • Reviews test results prior to reporting
  • Identifies results that require urgent reporting and telephonically informs the result to the clinician / nurse responsible for the patient care.
  • Store processed samples for appropriate time frame.
  • Performs internal quality control every day before processing patient sample.
  • Coordinates with section supervisor and the chief technician for external quality control programme.
  • Maintains quality control record appropriate.
  • Assists the supervisor to train new technicians.
  • 5 Years
8000 / Month (AED)
Valid Till
21 Aug, 2020

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