Oil Gas Courses in Abu Dhabi

Oil & gas training courses in abu dhabi
Reservoir Management
Applied Reservoir Engineering
Reservoir Simulation Principles and Practices
Reservoir Modeling
New Technique for Decline Curve Analysis using Excel
Petroleum Reservoir Engineering
Advanced Well Test Analysis
Thermal Recovery Methods for Heavy Oil Fields
Enhanced Oil Recovery
Oil Reserves Calculations
Reservoir Development
Gas Condensate Reservoirs
Gas Injection in Gas Condensate Reservoirs
Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers
Waterflooding and Chemical Flood Processes
Paraffin, Asphaltene and Scale in Crude Oils: Theory, Problems and Solutions
Advanced Steam Injection Processes
Waterflooding Technologies and Field Practices
Re-Injection of Water Formation and Water Surface Treatment Technologies and Field Practices
Water Shut-Off and Conformance Improvement Technologies
WAG-Water Alternating-Gas EOR Processes
Development of Natural Gas Field Producer

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