Property Inspections

You are in the process of purchasing a mature property and want to identify any issues that may affect its future ownership. This is to be sure that the property is in a condition that will not cause you a future financial burden stemming from significant structural or installation issues. You need a professional to assess the building condition and advise you on potential risks or existing issues.

Our Solution:

Majlis’ engineering team will provide a comprehensive Condition Assessment Report highlighting any issues that may cause immediate or longer-term problems with the property. The inspection takes into account the structural, mechanical, electrical and HVAC installations throughout the property, which are the main components likely to lead to substantial costs if they are damaged or in disrepair. This service is designed to mitigate your risk as a homeowner or investor and to give you the confidence to purchase the property as a sound and lasting investment.

You will receive a detailed report highlighting the existing defects and other areas of disrepair or poor workmanship that could cause problems with the property in the future. The report will include a breakdown of the condition of individual elements and highlight any vulnerabilities these cause to the building as a whole. It will also provide information on the likely causes of such issues, and can be used to obtain quotations from contractors for repair or replacement.

This service is suitable for:

Holiday Homes
Any Other Residential Space
Any Other Commercial Space
The value for you is:

Peace of mind of having a professional opinion
Quality assurance for your property
Defect identification as a basis for rectification
Knowledge of future ownership risks

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