Abacus Classes & Brain GYM

Our Abacus program guarantees to make children 5 times better. Program trains young students to use both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Unique and versatile exercises taught by the program foster and strengthen the brain function. This leads to higher grasp of knowledge, thereby making children feel and act more confident, become more attentive, improve in numerical ability and learn to compete and win in a friendly manner. The Brain/ Skill Development Training we offer include Abacus and Brain Gym. The contents of the syllabus and all the teaching materials, strategies and techniques are extremely child-friendly.

Brain Exercises / Brain Gym trainings are very special forms of brain energizing exercises to activate the brain to help prepare students to learn by stimulating the flow of information within the brain. Regular practice of these exercises improve focus and attentiveness, enhanced use of vocabulary, and improved drawing and writing skills, better standing posture and balance. Further, research has shown that the mental ability activities enhance children’s confidence and self-esteem to perform much better in all their daily assignments. It also helps to release mental stress, mental blocks and integrates both functions of the brain hemispheres to work holistically.

Abacus course we offer incudes Foundation Course( Comprising of 4 levels: Level 1 to 4) , Advanced Course (Comprising of 4 levels: Level 1 to 4) and Grand Master Course (Comprising of 3 levels: GM A, GM B and GM C)

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