Perfume Workshop

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We all feel good when complimented on our new hairstyle, outfit or a new pair of shoes. Same is true when it comes to perfumes. However, sometimes the search for the right fragrance can be as equally complicated and discouraging as the search for that right-for-me partner who meets all your criteria.

Wow Gifts offers you an exciting opportunity to participate in Perfume Workshop, by Qualified Aromatherapist/Beauty Specialist/Natural Perfumer since 1998, Creator of a natural range of Perfumes, Elixirs, and Remedies - Melanie Jane Nightingale.

Workshops are conducted on weekends at local high-end hotels and you will learn how to blend and experiment with your personal signature. Over the course of four hours, you will learn about the properties inherent in dozens of different oils, about bases, middle and top notes, and how to blend so the end result not only smells beautiful but lifts spirits, too. No matter how you come in, you`ll leave uplifted, bearing 30 milliliters of your own creation.

Melanie will be sharing secret recipes and guiding you through what you need to know to create successful potions and lotions including the pitfalls you must avoid.

Perfume Workshop is a unique Gift for the lady who has everything!

During this fun and interactive masterclass you will:

sample 40 exotic and rare oils;
learn the art of creating beautiful blends;
obtain new skills and meet like-minded people;
create your own aromatherapy products to take home;
learn how to create effective natural remedies;
gain insider tips and tricks on the trade
make and take home your unique creation Eau de Perfume
Workshop duration is 4 hours

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