Pet Grooming for Rabbits & Birds

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Rabbits need to avoid fur matting and coats becoming dull and worn. Brushing is just as important for rabbits as it can be for dogs, as it helps keep fur de-matted. We use soft-bristled brushes specifically made for rabbits. Along with this, we also highly recommend ear cleaning because of the vital role they play. Aside from being able to hear sound acutely well, rabbits can also hear sound from two opposite directions, and have the ability to maneuver their ears independently. Additionally, they help keep the rabbit cool, as the extensive network of vessels help exchange heat effectively.

As experts in rabbit grooming, provides exceptional treatments and services to suit a variety of needs. We assure the complete satisfaction of both you and your pet through our carefully curated options for your pet’s specific grooming necessities.

Bird Grooming

We help keep your bird in great shape with precise nail trims, feather trims, washing services and beak trims.

When compared to cats and dogs, birds are not really in the majority when it comes to primary pet choices. Birds are also comparatively less complicated as well, with quite straightforward needs.

It is vital that your bird’s beak is not neglected. Beak trimming is an essential part of the birds grooming. If the beak is not well maintained, it can affect their eating patterns. We remove the excess keratin that gets accumulated on their beak.

Our vets have years of experience & knowledge in handling pets of different breeds and size, rest assured they will be taken excellent care of.

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