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Review of AtoZ Furniture UAE
Not a good experience
In terms of furniture, they do good work. My order and all arrangements were made on whatsapp which is convenient as I was moving house and had so many other arrangements to make. The items delivered was what I ordered but in a totally different color to what I was shown when I placed the order. When I went back I was whatsapp'd a true scan of the catalogue and told that that was the color I selected - so it is not their mistake and they cant do anything. the difference between the photograph initially given and the catalogue scan was huge (attached). The sales supervisor (who initially said he was manager until I told him I was putting up a review online so no one makes the same mistake as me) was not having it and was quite rude blaming the customer. My only advice is not to order online or on whatsapp; go and physically have a look. the extra time will be worth it. Once payment is made and work done, you cannot revisit, you will be told it was your mistake, you shouldn't have trusted the photograph that was sent, you should have visited the office, you should have asked for the catalogue etc - which is what I got. Lesson learnt for me which is the reason for the average rating.
We have similar case, we ordered a white bed and got a greenish looking bed. IT is by far the worst customer experience I have ever tried with A to Z Furniture, I cannot recommend to use such a fraudulent company. Watch out and remember you can report the company for false advertising, it is a criminal act by UAE Law.

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