Review Worst Customer Service EVER experienced

Review of AtoZ Furniture UAE
Worst Customer Service EVER experienced
Had purchased a bed through, where A to Z Furniture, where the supplier. We ordered a WHITE bed, got a Greenish bed. When we called Customer Service at A to Z Furniture to get our WHITE bed, we were told it was white, but they used GREEN FOAM, so that is why it got a "greenish" color, furthermore the bed was filthy after the dispatch team had delivered the bed and so far they refuse to take the WRONG bed back and return our money, even though we haven't used the bed.
As We don't expect A to Z Furniture to behave decent and do the right thing! We will go to the official channels and report A to Z furniture for False Advertising as this is a criminal act by UAE Law.

So heads up to all future customers of A to Z Furniture, if you get cheated, remember you are protected by UAE LAW - see here from the official website;
"Companies must be aware that false advertising is illegal under UAE law.This applies in particular to traders and service providers. The relevant laws that apply to false advertising are the UAE Commercial Transaction Law, Consumer Protection Law, and Trademark Law."

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