Review Terrible! Stay away from these unprofessional people

Review of AtoZ Furniture UAE
Terrible! Stay away from these unprofessional people
If I could I would give them minus stars. The most unprofessional people i have ever worked with. Extremely bad service! I ordered a cabinet from them and it took them more than 3 weeks to deliver which is past the time they claim it takes and they sent the wrong cabinet, unstable and on top of everything it is damaged!!! So I asked them to replace it or refund my money. They took ages to reply and the reply I got was that they would take it back do a touch up and change it so it would look like the original one I ordered. This would take a few weeks. I mean seriously!!!!
According to their website you are entitled to a replacement. After I said i want it replaced or a refund they stopped replying all together.

Honestly spend your money somewhere else, as the material they use isn't good quality either. They claim that the cabinet was built once the order was placed but that's very obviously untrue. They sent a damaged, and dirty item to me. Once you pay they don't really care about the delivery.

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