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Awesome Dr Mahaveer Mehta
To say that my results of hifu ,would be an understatement.

I have been visiting Dr Mahaveer Mehta for the past 29 years for any skin issues. . He's always been extremely patient , informative and has a very conservative approach to treatments given. He is probably the only skin specialist I know who won't do a treatment just so he can make money . Honesty and integrity is so embedded in his nature that I know he will never do unnecessary work on me.
I had noticed a drastic change in my skin in the past few months , my skin had started to look dry, dull and wrinkly, and I was developing jowl. I went to see Dr Mehta and he suggested I do HIFU . Doctor first did only the right side of my face and neck to show me how effective the treatment was. Honestly I was in awe when I saw my right side. There was an instant lift ,especially the jowl and the lines on the side of the mouth.i should mention that I did not use any numbing cream and except for a little discomfort on my forehead there was no pain at all.
It's been a month since the treatment and I can confidently and happily say that my neck and face looks amazing, the deep lines around my cheeks are smoother ,and my jawline is so much more predominant and Dr also did a slight lift of my eyebrows that gives my eyes a wider look. Would recommend this treatment strongly, my only advise is please choose your dermatologist carefully,I truly believe I am blessed I chose Dr Mahaveer Mehta .
My friends have been complimenting me and alot are saying I look at least 10 years younger.

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