Review of Dr.Mahaveer Mehta Medical Center

Review of Dr.Mahaveer Mehta Medical Center
I had visited Dr. Mahaveer Mehta for the treatment of My dark spots & Acne on my face & would like to express My heartfelt thanks to Dr Mehta & Staff for taking good care of me & all the Patience which I felt during My visits.
I have consulted several dermatologists before and I could not get any good results. My face, skin texture & color has improved dramatically from severe dark spots & acne after few treatments.
Above all, Dr. Mehta is very much considerate & I will always be grateful for His help and support! The results have stopped me from feeling self conscious.
Above all, the techniques used are specific & right for the treatment which can be provided only by a professional like Dr. Mehta with expertise.
I highly recommend his treatment to all my family and friends.
Best Regards,
Many thanks for kind words. I am always willing to help and do my best to help each patient. I believe in " Service above self "

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