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Dr mahaveer mehta
One of the most calm and patient doctors I've been to. No long waits, friendly staff, and always a satisfactory visit! Doctor mehta listens to your problems and gives you a variety of options and diagnosis'. He will never be in a rush. Highly recommended :)Excellent dermatologist, he helped me out a lot with my hyperpigmentation, once he saw me the 1st time he knew I needed help, he went straight to the point and took care of me not like others trying to get me to buy lotions and repeated visits to charge the medical insurance.I have struggled with hyperpigmentation for YEARS. I had been on every topical lotions and cream. I went to Dr. Mehta because he has many accreditions to his name and has wide variety of best laser treatment. He suggested that we try and find the root cause of my problems, and gave me some solutions. He ran all the proper tests, and finally found that I had a very significant skin pigmentation and required pico laser treatment .I started my session and with in 2 session i felt lot of difference. I have been to so many dermatologists and he is by far the BEST! On top of expert care, the staff is very open and friendly. They email appointment reminders and call to confirm appointments (which I'm the type of person who needs reminders!) I have 0 complaints, this is a very very good practice that I would recommend to everyone.
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